OZ Minerals Completes West Musgrave 70% Earn-in

THE BOURSE WHISPERER: Cassini Resources (ASX: CZI) announced that its Joint Venture partner in the West Musgrave Project (WMP), OZ Minerals (ASX: OZL) has satisfied its 70 per cent earn-in requirements.

Cassini Resources explained that under the Earn-in/Joint Venture agreement, OZ Minerals has satisfied the 70 per cent (Stage 2) earn-in milestone by contributing a total of $36 million towards the Nebo-Babel Pre-Feasibility Study (PFS) and regional exploration.

OZ Minerals’ affection for the project is demonstrated by it achieving the earn-in milestone 14 months earlier than required under the agreement.

“OZ Minerals has now notified, and Cassini are satisfied, that this expenditure commitment has been met,” Cassini Resources said in its ASX announcement.

The PFS for Nebo-Babel remains on track and is scheduled for completion by OZ Minerals late Q2/early Q3 2019, after which OZ Minerals will continue to sole fund the Nebo-Babel Studies until a Definitive Feasibility Study and decision to mine is delivered.

In respect of any amount funded by OZ Minerals in excess of $36 million, Cassini will be loan-carried for its 30 per cent contribution, with principal and capitalised interest to be repaid five years after the commencement of production at the WMP.


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