Cassini Resources Identifies West Arunta Drill targets

THE DRILL SERGEANT: Cassini Resources (ASX: CZI) has received results of an Airborne Electromagnetic (AEM) survey, flownover the company’s West Arunta project in Western Australia.

Cassini Resources said previous geological interpretation of the early stage sedimentary zinc exploration project was limited to a magnetic survey that had been processed to its limits, broad-spaced soil geochemistry and the very sparse geological data gathered from outcrop and drilling in 2016.

The recent AEM survey was able to map the stratigraphic horizons within the sedimentary basin and the ‘Dione Horizon’, which the company considers to be a discrete, sulphide or graphite-rich and perhaps locally mineralised stratigraphic unit within the broader Bitter Springs Formation.

Four datasets now support the conceptual targets at the Janus and Mimas prospects.

“With the addition of the AEM data, the conceptual targets at Mimas and Janus are now each supported by several anomalous features drawn from independent data sets and are clearly the highest priority targets for future drilling,” Cassini Resources said in its ASX announcement.

“A drill program has been designed to test the Janus and Mimas prospects, consisting of approximately 2,000 metres, which will take about two weeks to complete.

“Aboriginal heritage surveys have now been completed, paving the way for the drilling program to commence as soon as possible.

“Costs of the drill program will be off-set by the WA Government Exploration Incentive Scheme meaning shareholders will enjoy exposure to potential short-term exploration success with minimised down-side risk.”