Rox results revisit uncovers gold discovery

THE DRILL SERGEANT: Rox Resources has revisited results from a recent drilling program at its Mt Fisher gold project, located approximately 250 kilometres north of Leonora in the Goldfields region of Western Australia.

Rox conducted a 3,000 metre program of Reverse Circulation (RC) drilling at Mt Fisher during July.

The results from this program were previously reported in August.

Rox has had a closer look at several zones of 4 metre composite sampling by re-sampling them at one metre intervals to gain better definition of the grade and thickness of the mineralisation.

The upshot from this has been the identification of previously unknown high-grade gold zones and has confirmed the presence of multiple zones of high-grade gold mineralisation.

The company said it is excited by the one metre re-split assays as they have confirmed the high-grade prospectivity of the Mt Fisher gold project and the mineralisation identified from previous sampling.

New results reported include:

Hole MFRC001:
–    1 metre at 8.40 grams per tonne gold from 205 metres at the Damsel prospect. This zone was previously not detected by the composite sampling.
Hole MFRC004:
–    6m at 4.08 g/t gold from 106m, including 4m at 5.53 g/t gold from 106m at the Dam prospect. This interval was previously reported as 8m at 3.08 g/t gold from 104m;
–    1m at 5.79 g/t gold from 142m, previously not detected by the composite sampling;

–    2m at 4.83 g/t gold from 149m, including 1m at 8.34 from 149m. This interval was previously reported as 4m at 1.37 g/t gold from 148m; and

–    1m at 3.20 g/t gold from 254m, previously reported as 4m at 0.59 g/t gold from 252m.

Hole MFRC005:
–    3m at 2.66 g/t gold from 128m at the Dam prospect, including 1m at 5.91 g/t gold from 129m. This interval was previously reported as 4m at 1.54 g/t gold from 128m.

Hole MFRC010:
–    1m at 5.51 g/t gold from 40m at the Damsel, previously reported as 8m at 1.53 g/t gold from 36m.

Hole MFRC011:
–    4m at 1.61 g/t gold from 176m at the Damsel, previously reported as 4m at 1.00 g/t gold from 176m.

The drilling results from hole MFRC010 were previously reported including 9m at 4.43 g/t gold from 54m, highlighting a zone of potential near surface mineralisation at the Damsel prospect.

Rox now also consider holes MFRC001 and MFRC011 to indicate potential at depth for economic grade mineralisation at that prospect.

“Our first drilling campaign at Mt Fisher has been very successful,” Rox Resources managing director Ian Mulholland said in the company’s announcement to the Australian Securities Exchange.

“We have discovered some previously unknown zones of high grade mineralisation which is very exciting and gives us confidence that the mineralisation we’ve previously defined continues at depths with potentially economic grades.

“We’ve also confirmed the potential for Mt Fisher to host multiple shallow high-grade gold deposits and high-grade gold mineralisation at depth.

“We now intend to conduct a more extensive drilling campaign to prove up JORC resources at several prospects by the end of this year.”

Rox has booked a rig to begin further drilling at Damsel, Dam and other prospects from mid- October to the end of November, with a 5,000 metre to 6,000 metre program of Reverse Circulation (RC) drilling planned.

This drilling will follow-up several high priority targets generated from a recently-conducted VTEM survey that indicated sulphide bodies in favourable geological locations, with the goal of defining JORC resources at a number of these prospects.