Predictive Discovery Records High-Impact AC Drill Results

THE BOURSE WHISPERER: Predictive Discovery (ASX: PDI) reported high impact air-core (AC) drill results from within 1.5 kilometres of the company’s NE Bankan deposit in Guinea.

Predictive Discovery conducted the AC drilling to follow up a series of regional gold auger anomalies to the south and west of NE Bankan.

The drilling returned initial results including:

16 metres at 2.3 grams per tonne gold from surface, including 2m at 7.5g/t gold from 2m, and 28m at 12.1g/t gold from 22m, including 6m at 48g/t gold from 26m, and 2m at +100g/t gold;

8m at 3.3g/t gold from 6m, including 2m at 10g/t gold;

4m at 4g/t gold from 16m, including 2m at 7.2g/t gold; and

12m at 1.8g/t gold from 32m.

Predictive has just commenced this AC drilling program with 16 holes now reported.

The company is systematically testing multiple promising targets identified previously by regional auger drilling and structural analysis of aeromagnetic data.

“These shallow, high-grade results are a great start to our regional AC program and confirm the potential for discovering new zones of gold mineralisation very close to NE Bankan,” Predictive Discovery managing director Paul Roberts said in the company’s ASX announcement.

“Importantly, some of the new AC drill results also suggest that transported material may have been too deep in places for the auger to drill through it, opening up the possibility that some of the new mineralised zones reported here may extend significantly along strike in follow-up AC drilling.

“Our approach to exploration on the Bankan project has been methodical, starting with power auger grid drilling and/or surface geochemical sampling and following up plus 0.25 grams per tonne gold anomalies with AC drilling.

“This approach successfully led to the NE Bankan and Bankan Creek discoveries.

“With both deposits now the focus of resource studies and systematic extensional drilling, we have returned to AC scout drilling across the permit area with immediate success.

“These results are further evidence that we are just at the beginning of the Bankan discovery story with a lot more gold to find across the full project area.”