Predictive Discovery Buoyed by Kaninko Sampling Results

THE DRILL SERGEANT: Predictive Discovery (ASX: PDI) has been encouraged by sampling results received from the company’s 100 per cent-owned Kaninko project in the Siguiri Basin of Guinea.

Predictive Discovery’s landholdings cover 500 square kilometres in Guinea, most of which is dotted with widespread artisanal gold workings.

The company has received results of 12 vertical channel samples collected at its new Kaninko project from large and active artisanal mine sites.

Seven samples taken from workings in strongly weathered bedrock (saprolite) returned an average value of 1.5 grams per tonne gold with a peak value recorded of 4.6g/t gold.

The company explained that this zone of saprolite exposure extends for 300 metres in a north-easterly direction but extensive surrounding surficial (laterite) workings suggest that potential area of bedrock mineralisation may be much larger.

Predictive has commenced a of systematic channel sampling of saprolite exposures in the deeper pits along with grid-based sampling of surficial (laterite) spoil in the surrounding area.

“These early results from Kaninko add a promising new prospect into our Guinea portfolio following the earlier results from Kankan and Nonta which identified extensive soil geochemical anomalies,” Predictive Discovery managing director Paul Roberts said in the company’s announcement to the Australian Securities Exchange.

“The better results were obtained from vertical channel sampling of weathered bedrock within a 300-metre length of artisanal workings from which artisanal miners report that they are currently extracting significant quantities of gold.

“We are hopeful that follow-up exploration of this site will enable us to expand the prospective area substantially and provide a strong target for drilling during the March Quarter.

“We are continuing with our evaluation of new opportunities in the Siguiri Basin and expect to announce further ground acquisitions in Guinea in the coming months.”

Predictive is currently undertaking follow-up vertical channel sampling over the artisanal site as well as sampling dumps derived from surrounding surficial workings.

The company has also been mapping new artisanal mine sites on the property with systematic sampling to be conducted across them in the coming weeks.

Predictive indicated that larger scale geochemical surveys on the Kankan, Nonta, Kaninko and possibly Boroto properties will be undertaken in the next few months that may be accompanied by ground geophysical surveys where appropriate.

All this work is aimed at readying Predictive’s best Guinea prospects for drilling in the March Quarter of 2020.