WestSide launches Galilee Basin exploration

JETT RINK: The Galilee Basin exploration program of Brisbane-based coal seam gas exploration play WestSide Corporation has commenced with the spudding of the Glenlyon 1 exploration well located in exploration tenement ATP 974P in north western Queensland.

WestSide said it expects the target horizons in Glenlyon 1 will most likely occur from around 1,000 metres below surface.

The well will then be cored for testing to determine the gas content and composition of any coal seams that may be intersected.

WestSide has a 51 per cent operating interest in exploration tenements ATP 974P and ATP 978P in joint venture with Mitusi E&P Australia ,which has a 49 per cent interest in both tenements.

According to WestSide chief executive officer Dr Julie Beeby Glenlyon 1 is the first well to be spudded in an exploration program of up to four wells.

The program has been designed to investigate the hydrocarbon potential of the Permian-age Betts Creek and Aramac Coal Measures present throughout the basin.

“These tenements in the north-western part of the Galilee Basin cover a combined area of more than 14,000 square kilometres, which WestSide believes could contain up to 21 trillion cubic feet of gas in place, so we are quite excited now that drilling is underway,” Beeby said in the company’s announcement to the Australian Securities Exchange.

Once drilling has been completed at Glenlyon 1 the drill rig and associated camp will be relocated to the next well site.

Other planned wells in the initial program include locations at Essex Downs 1, which is also in ATP 974P.

Wells are also planned for Dunluce 1 and Malakoff 1 in the adjoining tenement ATP 978P.

WestSide expects to have completed the program by the end of the 2011 calendar year, subject to weather and geology.

The anticipated cost for the joint venture to complete the program is around $4 million.

Data collected will then be collated and analysed to determine well locations for the JV’s next phase of drilling.