Welcome to the Resources Roadhouse

Located on the Information Superhighway, on the outskirts on Mining
Town, the Resources Roadhouse is a popular hangout for members of the
resources industry community.

All roads leading to all the mining projects scattered around the
country pass by our front door making the front veranda of the Roadhouse
the perfect position for visitors to sit and observe all that is
happening in the resources industry.

The main feature of the Resources Roadhouse is The Inside Story, which
offers our loyal regulars a comprehensive look at a particular resources

The Inside Story provides visitors to the Roadhouse with an insightful
snapshot of what that company is up to and where it is in regard to
developing its project be it greenfield exploration or redevelopment of
an existing project.

Many small-to-mid market cap companies tend to sneak under the radar of
the Australian Securities Exchange market place and subsequently can be
overlooked by potential investors.

The Inside Story provides readers with an introduction to these
companies from where they can, and should, begin their own homework to
decide whether or not they may be a good investment fit for their

The Roadhouse provides the ideal place for industry-people-watching with
its clientele including a veritable mining who’s-who either in
clandestine conversation at its many tables and booths or propped up at
the bar enjoying a cold beverage Off the Wood, ready to tell anybody
who’ll listen all about their recent activities.

The ethos of the Resources Roadhouse is sharing information. Roadhouse
regulars include an assembly of respected analysts, brokers and
journalists from around Australia who will be providing coverage of all
aspects of the resources industry from the first rocks kicked in
exploration anger, through feasibility studies and construction to the
point of production.

Other regular contributors include our own galloping gourmand Sir Lunchalot.

There’s an old adage that says, “The quickest way to a journalist’s
notebook is through the door of a good restaurant”, and Sir Lunchalot is
never shy of climbing aboard the gravy train to bring his readers the
latest crumbs on offer from the junior mining sector.

The Roadhouse also encourages its journalists to get Out and About to
bring you all the latest news from conferences around the country as
well as getting On the Ground to visit different exploration plays and
mining operations.

The Resources Roadhouse is brought to you by the team from Word 4 Word
Media, which is led by experienced resources sector journalist Wally

Wally has written for some of the resources industry’s leading
publications including Australia’s mining Monthly, PetroleumNews.net,
MiningNews.net and Mining Journal.

He has most recently been editor of Australia’s foremost resources
investment magazine RESOURCESTOCKS where he built an industry-wide
reputation as a respected journalist.

Step inside the Resources Roadhouse take a seat and have a god look around. You could be here for a while.