VRX Silica Achieves High Recoveries from Silica Sand Process Plant Design

THE BOURSE WHISPERER: VRX Silica (ASX: VRX) received results of testwork and confirmation assays for recoveries of silica sand commercial products carried out at the company’s Western Australia silica sand projects.

VRX Silica undertook the work on the Arrowsmith and Muchea silica sand projects.

The company has now conducted three trials of the testwork, with the final trial completed in March of this year by testwork laboratory and process plant fabricator CDE Global, based in Northern Ireland.

VRX has since completed confirmation assays on final products from that testwork through Nagrom Laboratories in Perth.

The company recently released a process circuit design, engineering and cost estimate by CDE Global for a plant which was based on this testwork and the final determination of recoveries is based on this circuit design, which included the attritioning step being conducted twice.

VRX explained attritioning as a high-energy interaction of grains rubbing on grains which liberates attached fine particles and reduces particle size by breakage on corners and grain boundaries

his reduces contaminants and improves particle shape.

“We are now confident in the process circuit design and the final silica sand products capable of production, which have been compiled into our products catalogue,” VRX Silica managing director Bruce Maluish said in the company’s announcement to the Australian Securities Exchange.

“We will continue to distribute our catalogue and gauge the response, which to-date has been extremely positive.”

The company indicated it has fielded strong interest for potential offtake of silica sand products from the Asian region.

The recoveries mentioned here are of products which will it expects comply with the requirements from interested customers to date.


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