Talga Resources to collaborate with Haydale on graphene developments

THE BOURSE WHISPERER: Talga Resources (ASX: TLG) has signed a non-binding term sheet with AIM-listed Haydale Graphene Industries to collaborate on the development of finished graphene composite and ink products.

Talga said the aim of the collaboration is to combine the resources and expertise of the two companies to explore graphene commercialisation opportunities, and deliver technology material solutions to end users at industrial scales.

Haydale owns a proprietary process to functionalise graphene and other nanomaterials while Talga is an emerging large-scale graphene primary producer with the intention to provide basic finished graphene materials to end users or intermediaries for integration into end use applications.

“We are delighted to enter into this collaboration with Haydale who are positioned further down the supply chain from Talga and together provide optimised graphene products tailored for specific applications,” Talga Resources managing director Mark Thompson said in the company’s announcement to the Australian Securities Exchange.

“The speed at which industry will adopt graphene into real world applications is in part linked to the sophistication and nanomaterial handling capabilities of end users.

“In some circumstances, if materials are not in a format that can be mixed directly with the end product matrix, handling techniques can cause varied results.

“Haydale has an established track record at providing these solutions but requires a source of graphitic carbon nanomaterials.

“Talga has a special and large natural source from which to produce low defect graphene, so there is a tremendous opportunity to upscale feed to Haydale’s processes and leverage from existing opportunities that Haydale has created.”

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