Sun completes Jack Howe drilling

THE ROADHOUSE BOWSER: Sun Resources (ASX: SUR) has completed drilling and casing operations at the Jack Howe #1H well location within the company’s Normangee oil project.

The company said the results of the analysis of the conventional core recovered from the Lower Woodbine in the Jack Howe #1H vertical pilot well are now available and have been integrated with the wireline logs to identify the potential oil pay in the well.

A total of approximately 250 feet (75 metres) of oil pay is interpreted from the wireline logs, with the core analysis data now integrated.

Sun indicated this thickness of oil pay is in line with its pre-drill expectations and confirms the potential for Lower Woodbine oil pay across the company’s Southern Woodbine leases.

“This pay interval is the zone which was the target for the Jack Howe #1H lateral and the pay potential has been confirmed by the strong oil and gas shows during drilling,” Sun Resources said in its ASX announcement.

“Strong oil and gas shows continued while drilling the horizontal section and the shows strengthened toward the end of the well bore, with a total of approximately 6,100 feet of lateral section drilled.

“The sub-surface technical data and analysis will form the basis of an independent reserve and resources report that will be initiated shortly and prepared over coming weeks.”

Sun indicated it will now integrate the data acquired while drilling, plus the core and log analysis to build a model for the design of the hydraulic fracture program for the well.

Sun is currently targeting commencing the multi-stage fraccing operation in October 2014.