Strike Energy Provides Jaws Operation Update

THE BOWSER: Strike Energy is progressing work at the Jaws-1 project wells, located at the Southern Cooper Basin Gas Project (SCBGP) Joint Venture (Strike Operator and 66.67 per cent, Energy World Corporation 33.33 per cent).

Strike Energy said it has continued carefully drawing the wells down towards desorption and the flowing bottom hole pressure has now reached 250psi.

Sustained gas production has continued and is slowly building as further water is removed and more coal around the wellbore is depressurised.

The company is now setting pump rates to maintain the 250psi pressure in the wellbore and allow the desorption front to gradually propagate outwards into the reservoir.

Current water rates of 450 barrels per day show continuing strong reservoir productivity, with a natural decline in water anticipated over time as more coal transitions from water to gas production.