Spectrum Metals to Run SAM Survey Over Penny West Shear

THE DRILL SERGEANT: Spectrum Metals (ASX: SPX) is preparing a Sub‐Audio Magnetic (SAM) survey to be carried out over the Penny West Shear and surrounds at the company’s Penny West gold project in Western Australia.

Spectrum Metals has engaged Gap Geophysics to complete the SAM survey covering the Penny West Shear from south of the Penny West open pit to the northern lease boundary.

In 2015, a ground magnetic survey conducted over the entire Penny West project area, consisting of Mining Leases M57/180 and M57/196 produced magnetic data showing a clear and distinct low magnetic intensity zone striking north to south, from the Penny West open pit, to the northern lease boundary.

Spectrum Metals explained the proposed SAM survey, consisting of around 85 linear kilometres and covering an area of four-square kilometres, will encompass the entire Penny West Shear Zone in addition to other structures to the east and west.

Besides providing a higher resolution magnetic survey the SAM technique will be used to identify conductive material within the rock and resistive anomalies in conductive terrain.

The results will then be combined with recent auger geochemistry, which Spectrum will use as a layered data approach to help guide its future drilling programs on the tenements and in the gap Zone between Penny North and Columbia‐Magenta.

“Spectrum is eagerly anticipating the commencement of the SAM geophysics survey,” Spectrums Metals managing director Paul Adams said in the company’s announcement to the Australian Securities Exchange.

“We believe that this technique, which has been of significant value to other explorers in the goldfields recently, will greatly enhance our structural understanding at the Penny West project and will be used to target additional potential gold mineralisation along the Penny West Shear.”


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