SKY Metals Audit of Historic Drilling Provides Priority Targets

THE DRILL SERGEANT: SKY Metals (ASX: SKY) reported on recent activities at the company’s Cullarin gold and Doradilla tin projects, both in New South Wales.

Drilling results achieved by SKY Metals at the Cullarin gold project that included “outstanding” gold mineralisation intersected in drillhole HUD002, provided the impetus for the company to carry out an audit of historic drillholes at the NSW Government drillcore library at Londonderry in western Sydney.

The audit revealed that a total of 38 drillholes were located at the core library in the area of the Hume Target.

From this stash, SKY has identified ten drillholes as high priority to evaluate the strike of the HUD002 mineralisation and to assess the eastern limb of the soil anomaly north of the hole.

In total, approximately 3,100m of drillcore has been identified as available for sampling.

Most of this drillcore is uncut and, as such, no high precision gold analysis has been undertaken.

SKY has submitted three batches of samples for analysis and expects results soon.

The company has also submitted drill permits for follow up diamond core drilling of the HUD002 intersection, with drilling scheduled for commencement in late March.

“The identification of unsampled drillcore at the Londonderry core library is an unparalleled chance for SKY to fast track the evaluation of the Hume Target,” SKY Metals CEO Mark Arundell said in the company’s announcement to the Australian Securities Exchange.

“Although the drillhole locations are not ideally placed, the data generated from the SKY sampling program will be an enormous benefit in the assessment of the Hume Target.

“Besides the cost saving of over $400,000 in drilling expenses, SKY also benefits in the ability to target the follow up drill campaign of the Hume Target based on the results of the legacy core sampling.”

At its Doradilla tin project, SKY completed RC drilling of multiple targets testing shallow, high-grade tin-polymetallic mineralisation in late 2019 that was designed to test the continuity and extensions to existing polymetallic tin mineralisation at the 3KEL prospect and shallow, high-grade tin mineralisation (as cassiterite) at the Doradilla tin prospect.

Results from the recent drilling include:

17 metres at 1.36 per cent tin, 0.69 per cent copper, 70 grams per tonne indium from 34m;

6m at 1.11 per cent tin, 1.48 per cent copper, 44g/t silver, 65g/t indium from 105m;

10m at 1 per cent tin, 0.8 per cent copper, 53g/t indium from 25m; and

11m at 1.04 per cent tin, 0.26 per cent lead from 37m.

SKY considers the intersection of shallow mineralisation at both Doradilla and 3KEL has confirmed the tenor and width of oxide tin mineralisation at the two prospects.