Pantoro Encounters Wide High-Grade Intercepts at Rowdies

THE DRILL SERGEANT: Pantoro Limited (ASX: PNR) has drilled high-grade extensions to the north Rowdies lode from results along strike of existing development in the upper levels of the Wagtail Underground Mine, part of the company’s 100 per cent-owned Halls Creek gold project in the Kimberley Region of Western Australia.

The Wagtail North Mine, which accesses the Rowdies and Wagtail North Lodes, achieved first ore development during the first quarter of 2019.

Since that time, Pantoro has progressed development on the first four levels and mineralisation has been identified and developed both within and outside of the current Ore Reserve.

Mineralisation exists on a number of parallel structures which can be close spaced, and have required additional drilling and time to understand the position of high-grade shoots within each structure.

Pantoro said its knowledge of the high-grade shoots is improving level by level and mineralisation appears regular down dip of the high-grade zones within each lode.

Productivity from the mine is expected to continue to improve as the ore definition increases.

The latest drilling has demonstrated high-grade mineralisation extends approximately 70 metres beyond the current Ore Reserve and remains open to the north.

Intercepts which are inside of the current Ore Reserve have returned a number of zones with better widths and grades than currently modelled.

Best results include:

2.2 metres at 22.5 grams per tonne gold;
2.63m at 35.8g/t gold;
3.05m at 11.9g/t gold, including 0.3m at 63.8g/t gold;
5.7m at 19.6g/t gold, including 0.38m at 88g/t gold;
3.55m at 9.31g/t gold, including 0.41m at 14.6g/t gold;
4.1m at 19.2g/t gold, including 0.7m at 35.1g/t gold and 0.68m at 58.2g/t gold;
1.08m at 11.97g/t gold, including 0.4m at 22.6g/t gold;
5.66m at 12.97g/t gold, including 0.81m at 38.5g/t gold, 0.49m at 45.4g/t and 0.55m at 24.2g/t gold;
9.8m at 8.83g/t gold, including 0.7m at 34.2g/t gold and 0.28m at 59.4g/t gold;
1.9m at 8.62g/t gold; and
0.63m at 16.8g/t gold.

“These results demonstrate the potential for the Wagtail North underground mine to grow in a fashion similar to the Nicolsons mine when it was first developed back in 2015,” Pantoro managing director Paul Cmrlec said in the company’s announcement to the Australian Securities Exchange.

“While it has taken longer than expected to take Wagtail to full production, we are confident that the mine will provide a reliable high-grade ore feed as our knowledge of the ore zones improves and the mine is fully resourced.

“These new results show extension of the Ore Reserve, and thicker, higher grade zones within the currently planned mining areas.”