Obama and Romney bring Brat Pack vibe to The Roadhouse

Friday night Karaoke at The Roadhouse went Las Vegas style this week with a surprise performance from US presidential hopefuls Barack Obama and Mitt Romney.

The campaign combatants entertained the small, intimate crowd with songs from the Brat Pack song book.


First song: You say Tomatoe, I say Tomato.

It wasn’t until the song was finished that they realised they were actually talking about the same fruit.


Song Two: I get no kick from champagne…

But I sure do get a kick outta you!

Song Three: What a Swell Party.

The lads really hit their straps on this Sinatra / Crosby classic.

Closing number: My Way

Couldn’t take turns and just belted the tune out as loud as they could trying to drown each other out.


Don’t forget to tip the waitress!