MRL Corporation achieves high-grade graphite yields

THE BOURSE WHISPERER: MRL Corporation (ASX: MRF) has followed up its recent release of results on the recovery of graphene from the company’s graphite projects in Sri Lanka to announce further test work has produced a very high graphene yield.

The company claims that using an exfoliation process time of only 10 minutes, it achieved 50 per cent of graphite exfoliated giving up a graphene yield greater than 90 per cent.

MRL indicated the yield calculation of electrochemically exfoliated graphene will be optimised in future proposed studies.

Although MRL is of the view its high grade graphite ore has a ready market at premium prices, it said the latest test results suggest the company should also be positioning itself as a low cost supplier of graphene to the market.

The company believes the very high yields being achieved place it in a very favourable competitive position.

“The result is extremely exciting considering the speed of graphene conversion and yield of greater than 90 per cent when compared to conversion rates of two per cent to 12 per cent reported by other listed graphite companies,” MRL Corporation managing director Craig McGuckin said in the company’s announcement to the Australian Securities Exchange.

MRL indicated it will carry out further test work to optimise the process and the yield the implications of this initial test.

It expects the short time frame and low voltage and amperage, yet still significant yields, will help it achieve high levels of graphene production from low volumes of graphite ore.

MRL’s graphite projects in Sri Lanka have very high-grade vein ore, with analysis of drilling core showing a range of 92.8 to 99.3 per cent total graphitic carbon (TGC).

The company anticipates such high grades and excellent yield results will minimise the capital expenditure required for it to become a supplier of graphene to the market.