Minotaur Exploration Encounters Further Jericho Copper

THE DRILL SERGEANT: Minotaur Exploration (ASX: MEP) encountered copper-gold intersections from the Jericho target at the Eloise project, located 60 kilometres southeast of Cloncurry, in northwest Queensland.

The Eloise project is a Joint Venture between Minotaur and OZ Minerals (ASX: OZL).

In the lead up to the Brisbane Mining 2018 Conference, Minotaur Exploration said recent drilling was carried out at Jericho, positioned close to the Eloise mine that has now paused for compilation of the drill database.

The drill rig has moved on to test other regional ground EM targets until the ‘wet season’ imposes field activity shutdown in November.

Since the start of drilling into the Jericho EM anomalies in October 2017 the JV has completed 28 holes, of which assays for six (EL18D20-EL18D25) from J1 and J2 zones have been delivered.

Results include:


30 metres at 0.42 per cent copper, 0.11g/t gold from 298m, including 1m at 1.43 per cent copper, 0.03g/t gold and 2m at 1.93 per cent copper, 0.86g/t gold;

20m at 0.14 per cent copper, 0.07g/t gold from 327m;

36m at 0.32 per cent copper, 0.11g/t gold from 170m, including 6m at 1.02 per cent copper, 0.23g/t gold, and
14m at 1.27 per cent copper, 0.09g/t gold from 333m, including 6m at 2.65 per cent copper, 0.13g/t gold;

21m at 1.39 per cent copper, 0.3g/t gold from 289m, including 11m at 2.05 per cent copper, 0.41g/t gold, and
12m at 0.57 per cent copper, 0.08g/t gold from 320m, including 1m at 2.85 per cent copper, 0.1g/t gold and 2m at 1.37 per cent copper, 0.37g/t gold;

26m at 1.45 per cent copper, 0.21g/t gold from 162m, including 12m at 2.23 per cent copper, 0.3g/t gold and 1m at 5.61 per cent copper, 0.84g/t gold; and

17m at 0.34 per cent copper, 0.04g/t gold from 190m and 10m at 0.41 per cent copper, 0.1g/t gold.


20m at 1.1 per cent copper, 0.21g/t gold from 645m, including 2m at 1.57 per cent copper, 0.17g/t gold and 9m at 1.98 per cent copper, 0.4g/t gold;

13m at 0.32 per cent copper, 0.11g/t gold from 369m; and

23m at 0.7 per cent copper, 0.29g/t gold from 400m, including 5m at 1.91 per cent copper, 1.12g/t gold.

“Numerous conductors were identifed mid 2017 as part of the ‘Route 66’ survey, however many were not drilled due to early success at Jericho elevating it to be the primary focus,” Minotaur Exploration said in its ASX announcement.

“The new drill program comprises 13 holes for 4,750m examining ‘Defance’ (to follow up on 1 hole drilled into Defance previously), ‘Bagdad’, ‘Pasadena’, ‘J4’, ‘Clementine’, ‘Winona’ and ‘Navajo’ targets.

“Drilling will operate around the clock until the campaign concludes in November.”


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