Metallica SCONI scandium used to produce Master Alloy

THE BOURSE WHISPERER: Metallica Minerals’ (ASX: MLM) European strategic alliance partner KBM Affilips has used scandium from Metallica’s SCONI pilot plant to manufacture an ingot of aluminum/scandium master alloy.

KBM Affilips is a marketing and sales organisation for a wide range of specialised master alloys manufactured by its production companies KBM Master Alloys in The Netherlands and Affilips in Belgium.

KBM Affilips is the world’s largest manufacturer of non-ferrous master alloys delivering well over 40,000 tonnes of products to 80 different countries.

The company’s Australian representative Bob McKee handed over the “waffle” ingot, to Metallica at its East Brisbane office in October.


Bob McKee from KBM Affilips presenting aluminium/scandium “waffle”
to Metallica MD Andrew Gillies and CEO Gavin Becker at Metallica
Minerals office. Source: Company announcement


Metallica considers production of the ingot to have reinforced the positive working relationship it has cultivated with KBM Affilips saying it was a step in developing the market for aluminium/scandium alloys.

“Whilst we have a very important customer in Bloom Energy seeking significant scandium oxide off-take in the Solid Oxide Fuel Cell sector, Metallica also realises the need, and opportunity, for the aluminium alloy sector to be a substantial long-term consumer of SCONI scandium,” Metallica Minerals chief executive officer Gavin Becker said in the company’s announcement to the Australian Securities Exchange.

“This master alloy manufactured by KBM Affilips is the first practical step in that direction.

“We look forward to continuing to work with KBM Affilips, and its customers and colleagues in Europe, to assist in the supply of improved aluminium alloys for numerous applications, by positioning SCONI to be the world’s first reliable long-term supplier of scandium.”

Metallica said that as far as the company was aware this is the first aluminium/scandium master alloy to be produced in the West using scandium sourced from scandium oretypes and not as a minor by product from other metal processing.