Metalicity Confirms Fraser Range Copper-Nickel Potential

THE DRILL SERGEANT: Metalicity (ASX: MCT) claimed that petrographic, analytical and geophysical modelling has confirmed the presence of anomalous, layered mafic intrusives at the company’s Fraser Range North projects in Western Australia.

Metaiclity reviewed diamond core from historic exploration holes, N3-1 and N1-1, which were drilled by Kennecott Explorations within the project areas during the 1980s, from which it noted traces of chalcopyrite, and a rock unit (layered mafic intrusives) prospective for Fraser Range-style nickel-copper sulphides.

Metalicity subsequently sought to further inspect the drill cores, with samples for polished thin sections taken from both drill holes to understand the mineralogy of specific fractions within the layered mafic.

Then, the core was cut and quarter-sampled at selected lengths culminating in a total of 39 samples (four from N1-1 on E69/3676 and 35 from N3-1 on E69/3677) that were submitted for testing.

Petrographic investigations and laboratory analysis of the drill core demonstrated the presence of copper bearing sulphide.

Chalcopyrite, and copper anomalism was also present in assay data in the Fraser Range region.

Geophysical modelling of the coincident magnetic and gravity anomalies displayed a strong magnetic core to both the Fraser Range projects.

Based on its updated understanding of the projects, Metalicity considers a ground, moving loop electro-magnetic (EM) survey represents an ideal approach to further develop prospective drilling targets, which can be rapidly executed upon tenement approval.

“It is incredibly pleasing to see that our resampling program has defined anomalous copper along with 3D magnetic inversion techniques highlighting large, highly magnetic susceptible bodies indicating the presence of host units containing possible copper-nickel sulphide mineralisation,” Metalicity general manager – exploration & development Jason Livingstone said in the company’s announcement to the Australian Securities Exchange.

“The two project areas have demonstrated exceptional prospectivity.

“We are excited to see the grant of these tenements so we may implement the ground geophysical surveys to allow for succinct drill hole planning.”