Lithium Australia develops world-first portable assay technology

THE BOURSE WHISPERER: Lithium Australia (ASX: LIT) has claimed to be the first company in the world to perfect portable laser technology for real-time, in-field soil geochemistry assays for lithium.

Lithium Australia cemented a collaborative agreement, to develop LIBS technology for geochemical applications, with US based SciAps Inc (SciAps), in December 2014.

Since then the two companies have worked together to develop a practical means of achieving real-time lithium geochemical assays with equipment designed and manufactured by SciAps.

Lithium Australia recently released the first results to the market, which it said demonstrated good correlation in field trials, when compared with other field techniques.

Encouraged by the results, Lithium Australia signalled it will now extend its LIBS technology research, with SciAps, to process control applications.

“Adaption of LIBS technology to this function may provide a significant edge in laboratory testing, pilot plant studies and ultimately in the production environment,” Lithium Australia said in its ASX announcement.

“LIBS process control applications will be evaluated during the course of pre-feasibility process studies, soon to be commenced by LIT as part of the commercialisation of its proprietary Sileach process technology.

“More extensive soil geochemical applications will be implemented in the near future.”