Ironbark achieves impressive metal recoveries at Citronen

THE BOURSE WHISPERER: Ironbark Zinc (ASX: IBG) has completed another round of metallurgical testwork for the company’s Citronen base metal project in Greenland.

The company said the recent work had yielded exceptional recoveries while producing a high-grade saleable concentrate.

The flotation testwork was managed by Ironbark’s in house engineering team and returned 90 per cent recovery at 54 per cent zinc.

Ironbark claimed these results represent exceptionally high recoveries for this style of mineralisation.

The increase in recoveries has been achieved through trialling a suite of grinding regimes and reagent optimisations.

Typically SEDEX style deposits yield zinc flotation recoveries of approximately 80 per cent.

The company considers the new results will have a significant direct and positive impact on Citronen and will be incorporated in the project’s ongoing engineering and development work.

Previously achieved flotation recoveries for the Esrum resource returned 86 per cent recoveries for a 55 per cent zinc concentrate.


Flotation concentrate grades and recoveries. Source: Company announcement


As part of completing the Feasibility Study and related financing objectives under the MOU with China Nonferrous (NFC), a team from NFC and Arccon Mining Services, a subsidiary of the Allmine Group recently visited the Citronen site.

The visitors inspected proposed decline portals, process plant, port facilities, mining, accommodation and other infrastructure sites.

Zones of outcropping mineralisation at the open pit region were also inspected, as were drilling, QA/QC methods and drill databases along with drill core as part of the geological/resource validation process.

This is part of the standard due diligence requirements of NFC and Ironbark reported NFC representatives walked away impressed with the scale and potential of the project.

China Nonferrous are progressing under the MOU on the basis that they will deliver an integrated EPC fixed price contract to design, build and commission Citronen with a funding package from Chinese banks.

This work will also provide the final estimated Capex required for Ironbark to deliver a Feasibility Study.

The Study will incorporate an increased mining rate of 3.3 million tonnes per annum, the 2012 resource and the latest mining schedule that upgraded the life of mine head grades 23 per cent higher than the 2011 mining schedule.

The ongoing work will also incorporate the latest metallurgical testwork results.

Further metallurgical testwork is continuing and is being managed by Ironbark’s in house engineering to enhance the excellent results to date.

Ironbark and its environmental consultant, Orbicon AS, have worked extensively with the Greenland Bureau of Minerals and Petroleum (BMP) and its advisors over the last three years to ensure that the EIA meets the highest standards of environmental sustainability and addresses all of the concerns of the regulators.

All supporting testwork including extensive Humidity Cell Test-work, three environmental base line surveys and Scoping Level Environmental Review Assessment (SLERA) has been completed.

The EIA is subject to a final and public review process during the final submission of all elements of the completed Feasibility Study and Mineral Exploitation license application.