Hazer Group Limited Presenting at Good oil 2019

THE CONFERENCE CALLER: Hazer Group Limited (ASX: HZR) is an ASX-listed technology development company undertaking the commercialisation of the Hazer Process, a low-emission hydrogen and graphite production process.

The Hazer Process takes natural gas and iron ore, two reasonably cheap feedstocks that are found in abundance within Australia.

The process uses these to generate hydrogen and synthetic graphite, two products that are currently high in both value and demand due to their global market applications.

“The core of our technology is the use of iron-ore as a low-cost catalyst for the gas decomposition reaction, which gives us a strong commercial advantage for accessing both hydrogen and high-quality graphite markets,” Hazer Group declares on its Web Page.

The process recently generated excitement when Hazer Group’s partner Mineral Resources (ASX: MIN) produced high-quality graphite at its Paddle Tube Reactor (PTR) Pilot Plant.

Hazer Group and Mineral Resources are developing a Mineral Resources owned and operated commercial scale synthetic graphite production facility based on the Hazer Process.

This involves a three-stage development program: Stage 1 is the development of a pilot scale facility capable of producing one tonne per annum of high-quality graphite.

Construction of this facility was completed in March 2019 and initial production runs under the pilot plant test program produced high-quality graphite with graphite product purity greater than 95 per cent TGC (Total Graphitic Carbon).

“The graphite purity achieved is the highest we have recorded to date by the Hazer Process,” Hazer Group CEO Geoff Ward said.

Mineral Resources will now undertake a detailed pilot plant test program of the PTR to establish the design and performance parameters of the commercial scale plant envisaged in Stage 2 and Stage 3.