Enterprise hits visible nickel and copper at Plato

THE DRILL SERGEANT: Enterprise Metals (ASX: ENT) is making encouraging progress on a maiden drilling program being carried out at the Plato target, is located at the company’s Fraser Range project in Western Australia.

The company has, so far, focused the program on Plato, with six RC pre-collar holes already drilled, two of which having intersected visible disseminated nickel and copper sulphide mineralisation.

Earlier this month Enterprise reported RC drill hole PLRC003 had intersected disseminated sulphide mineralisation including chalcopyrite and pyrrhotite from 204m to 270m downhole (inc. 3m at 0.4 per cent nickel and 0.1 per cent copper).

One metre samples from this intersection, together with four metre composite samples from the remainder of the hole were submitted for geochemical analysis.


Summary RC Hole PLRC003 – 1 metre sample assay results. Source: Company announcement


Enterprise conducted a preliminary examination of the geochemistry of hole PLRC003, which demonstrated a strong sulphide control on the nickel values.

The company explained the nickel does not correlate well with the manganese oxide, suggesting a very poor control of silicate minerals on nickel content.

The baseline nickel in silicate appears to be around 0.1 per cent nickel in silicate at low percentages of sulphur, while the remainder nickel grading above 0.1 per cent nickel is strongly sulphide controlled.

According to Enterprise the calculated nickel tenor (the theoretical nickel content for 100 per cent volume of sulphide, using only those values with greater than 0.5 per cent sulphur and 0.2 per cent nickel to calculate) is very consistent across the range of sulphur values, between 8 per cent and 10 per cent nickel in 100 per cent sulphide.

The company suggested it could be reasonable to expect a linear increase of nickel grade with increased sulphide content, saying this is quite high nickel tenor for this type of mineral, which it hopes bodes well for good nickel grades in massive sulphide.

“Whilst PLRCD003 has not intersected massive sulphide mineralisation, we are highly encouraged by the intersection of blebby nickel and copper sulphide mineralisation,” Enterprise Metals managing director Dermot Ryan said in the company’s announcement to the Australian Securities Exchange.

“This is an exceptional result for the first deep hole we’ve drilled at our ground in the Fraser Range.

“We think this is a major step forward and gives us the confidence to undertake a substantial program of DHEM, ground EM and further drilling programs.

“Enterprise’s ground has just taken a quantum leap forward in terms of prospectivity.

“Similar RC drill programs were originally planned for the other key targets at the project, being Heart, Highway and McPhersons.

“Given the promising nature of early Plato results, the company will delay work at these other targets to focus on Plato.”

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