Enerji installs second heat recovery unit at Carnarvon

THE BOURSE WHISPERER: Perth-based clean power company Enerji Limited has completed the installation of the second of the three heat recovery units (HRU) at Horizon Power’s Carnarvon power station in the Gascoyne region of Western Australia.

The HRUs incorporate an Airec heat exchanger to capture the heat from the engine’s hot exhaust using the recycled energy to create electrical power.

When the waste heat to power system (WHPS) is operational, engine exhaust is diverted through the Airec heat exchanger and then channelled back to the original exhaust stack.

The system is designed to allow the engine exhaust to take its usual path when the WHPS is not in operation.

Following installation of the WHPS, Enerji said revenue will be generated through selling the electricity created by the Opcon Powerbox.


Lifting the second unit into place over the top of the existing power plant. Source: Company announcement

“The Opcon Powerbox cogeneration technology transforms waste heat into electricity and therefore creates significant energy cost savings and reduced CO2 emissions for its customers,” Enerji Limited said in its announcement to the ASX.

“The Powerbox has the capacity to increase the power station’s energy output by up to 700kW without burning additional fuel or creating emissions.”

Installation of the two HRUs was undertaken during a recent burst of clear weather at Carnarvon after delays caused by recent inclement weather.

Enerji said installation of the third and final HRU is scheduled for next week, barring any delays.

Commissioning at the Carnarvon project is now expected at the end of April.