Encounter Resources Identifies Extensive Outcropping Copper

THE DRILL SERGEANT: Encounter Resources (ASX: ENR) has claimed its Sandover copper project in Northern Territory to be prospective for sediment hosted copper.

Encounter Resources conducted mapping and water bore sampling, which the company has said confirmed outcropping and regional copper mineralisation associated with a local grey shale unit within a broader ‘red bed’ sandstone sequence – comparable to the Zambian ore shale unit.

The work undertaken by Encounter has identified major elements of a Central African sediment-hosted copper system to be present at Sandover.

“Our systematic appraisal of copper potential in the Northern Territory continues to yield positive results,” Encounter Resources managing director Will Robinson said in the company’s ASX announcement.

“The mapped outcropping copper mineralisation at Sandover appears focused around grey shale units which are poorly exposed at surface and sandwiched between red fine grained to coarse-pebbly sandstone.

“This is the classic Zambian sediment-hosted copper mineralisation setting.

“Since acquiring the initial Sandover tenement in February 2020 the project area has been progressively expanded as new data was acquired including the identification of copper anomalism in multiple Government water bore cuttings analysed utilising a handheld XRF unit.

“Further mapping and sampling are planned along with an airborne EM survey to map the prospective geological units and also as a potential direct detection tool.”




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