Elvis has left the building

THE BOURSE WHISPERER: The Boardroom Mazurka continues unabated this week amongst the junior mining companies.

Board appointments/resignation

Tellus Resources (ASX: TLU) announced the appointment of Robert (Bob) Kennedy and Neil Young as non-executive directors.
Kennedy was also voted in as chairman.

Richard Willson has resigned as a director of the company.

Resignation of Director

3D Resources (ASX: DDD) advised that Ian Richer has resigned as a director of the company.

Richer is a former chairman of the company.

Appointment of Director

Rey Resources (ASX: REY) has appointed Jin Wei as non-executive director to the company.

Jin is a nominee director for Crystal Yield Investments Limited, Rey’s cornerstone investor which holds a relevant interest in approximately 19.9 per cent of the issued capital in the company.

Resignation of Director
Tellus Resources (ASX: TLY) informed the market Anthony Wehby, as at the closure of the company’s AGM on Friday 29 November 2013, has resigned as director of the Company.

This followed his decision not to stand for re-election.

Appointment of CEO

Chrysalis Resources (ASX: CYS) announced the appointment of Leigh Ryan to the position of chief executive officer.

Dr Neale Fong has resigned as executive chairman and will continue with the company in the position of non-executive chairman.

Grant Kidner has resigned as executive director.

Adrian Paul and Trevor Benson have resigned as non-executive directors.

Jian Hua Sang has resigned as executive director and interim CEO and will remain with the company as a non-executive director.

Ms Jing Wang was appointed as executive director after resigning as a non-executive director.

Director Appointment

Redstone Resources (ASX: RDS) announced that Brett Hodgins has joined the board of directors of the company as its technical director.

Change of Directors

Lincoln Minerals (ASX: LML) has advised Ms Sze Wan Chan retires as a Director and Eddie Lung Yiu Pang and Alex Hooi-Kiang Lim have been appointed as non-executive directors of the company as of 1 December 2013.

Board Changes

Avalon Minerals (ASX: AVI) announced the appointment of Graham Ascough as a non-executive director and new chairman of the company.

Ascough is currently non-executive chairman of three ASX-listed companies: Phoenix Copper Limited, Mithril Resources Limited, and Musgrave Minerals Limited.

The company also advises the following directors have resigned as directors of Avalon, effective from the close of the 2013 AGM:

Dato Siew Mun Chuang (Philip); Dato Siew’s alternate director, Ler Leong Keh, ceases to hold office.

Siew Mun Wai (Edward); Siew’s alternate, David Sanders, ceases to hold office.

Seng Han Goh (Gary); and

Jeremy Read.

With recent changes, the current Avalon Board of directors is as follows:

Graham Ascough – chairman; Crispin Henderson – non-executive director; Paul Niardone – non-executive director exploration.