Eagle Mountain Receives Positive Oracle Ridge Report from Skarn Expert

THE DRILL SERGEANT: Eagle Mountain Mining (ASX: EM2) received a positive report from a world-renowned skarn expert in relation to the company’s 100 per cent-owned Oracle Ridge project in Arizona, USA.

Eagle Mountain Mining recently received an initial technical report from Dr Larry Meinert, who was engaged earlier in the year to provide support to the company’s technical team.

Dr Meinert’s review included examination of drill core, mapping of underground formations and assay analysis.

Key conclusions from Dr Meinert’s report include:

• The southern extension to the Oracle Ridge mine area is prospective for additional copper-rich mineralisation;

• Potential for additional skarn-hosted mineralisation exists in the central and southern part of the Oracle Ridge mine area beneath the Leatherwood intrusive and forms a prime target for deeper drilling;

• Aeromagnetics is an effective tool in targeting copper mineralisation at Oracle Ridge; and

• Detailed logging of minerals across the deposit will allow vectoring towards copper-rich zones.

“Dr Meinert’s review of drill core, mineral assemblages and assays substantially supports and further enhances our view that the area below the Leatherwood intrusive in the mine area is prospective for further high-grade mineralisation,” Eagle Mountain Mining CEO Tim Mason said in the company’s ASX announcement.

“This review also adds confidence to our recent discovery of high-grade mineralisation outcropping along a four kilometres exposure of the Leatherwood lower contact at surface at OREX.

The combination of this discovery and Dr Meinert’s review provides further credibility that OREX is an exciting prospective target area.

“We are completing a UAV magnetic survey to define drill targets.

“Dr Meinert’s work on geochemical ratios pointed to additional potential skarn mineralisation in the southern areas of the mine.

“This area coincides with both a magnetic high anomaly over 750 metres long and the recent discovery of high-grade mineralisation along the upper Leatherwood intrusive contact, with drilling to be prioritised in this area.”

Eagle Mountain indicated Dr Meinert will continue to collaborate with its technical team to further improve the knowledge of the mineralisation system, evaluate exploration results at near mine targets including OREX, and define new prospective areas in the Oracle Ridge region.




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