Dundas Minerals to Run In-Fill Gravity Survey for High Priority Targets

THE DRILL SERGEANT: Dundas Minerals (ASX: DUN) is set to commence a detailed in-fill gravity survey at its Matilda South area within the Albany-Fraser Orogen of Western Australia.

The in-fill survey follows initial analysis from two high-resolution geophysical surveys conducted across the company’s Dundas project tenements that identified four high priority exploration target areas.

These are Matilda South, North-East, Terra Firma and Jumbuck.

Matilda South will be the first area to be surveyed followed by the North-East exploration target area.

Surveys of the Terra Firma and Jumbuck target areas are planned to follow, early in the new year.

“We are delighted with the generation of these new exploration target areas, especially at Matilda South and North-East,” Dundas Minerals managing director Shane Volk said in the company’s ASX announcement.

“Upon realising the significance of the initial analysis of the gravity survey results in November, we immediately contacted the geophysical survey contractor to arrange for in-fill gravity survey – as quickly as would be possible.

“That the in-fill survey will commence this coming Friday is a real bonus, and will provide us with the time needed to analyse and model the survey data to plan for drill testing these areas in 2022.”




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