Delorean Corporation on a Trip to The Future.

COMMODITY CAPERS: Delorean Corporation (ASX: DEL) is a bioenergy company specialising in the design, build, ownership and management of bioenergy infrastructure and associated power generation and retail.

The company combines a group of four vertically-integrated companies working together to deliver each stage of the bioenergy generation process.

Delorean Energy

Is an infrastructure development and management company specialising in bioenergy plants using mature technology anaerobic digestion systems.

Delorean Energy retains the in-house capability to take development projects from concept to planning approval, investment and financial structuring to building owning and operating these assets.


Biogass Renewables

Is claimed by the corporation to be Australia’s leading bioenergy infrastructure construction company specialising the design, build, commissioning and operation of anaerobic digestion infrastructure.


Cleantech Energy

Is an established energy retailer with licenses to operate in the national market.



Is a fabrication contractor that manufactures tanks, pipework and structural steel. Tekpro specialises in IP in stainless steel double-bunded tanks for liquid storage and mixing.


Delorean Corporation recently acquired 100 per cent of the Salisbury bioenergy project, which will process commercial and industrial organic food and agricultural waste to deliver 150 terajoules per annum of biomethane into the gas distribution network in Adelaide under an offtake agreement with Origin Energy/AGIG.

The project is expected to be the first in Australia to achieve the ‘green gas to mains’ milestone.

Delorean Corporation managing director Joe Oliver said.
“We are excited to have full ownership of the project so we can complete FID and progress to construction with certainty in a timeline that we can control.

“Renewable gas is key in decarbonising the gas network and we are pleased to be pioneering this with a project at commercial scale in Australia.”