Corazon Mining Makes Metallurgical Breakthrough at Lynn Lake

THE DRILL SERGEANT: Corazon Mining (ASX: CZN) declared a major technical breakthrough from initial metallurgical testwork completed at the company’s Lynn Lake nickel-copper-cobalt sulphide project in Canada.

Corazon Mining said the initial results from the metallurgical testwork program at Lynn Lake were exceptional and, for the first time, have delivered separate high-value nickel and copper concentrates.

The results include:

New nickel concentrate with a grade of 26 per cent nickel with recoveries of 71 per cent; and

New copper concentrate with a grade of 27 per cent copper with recoveries of 77 per cent.

The company explained these results have not been fully optimised and that it expects on-going work will deliver further improvements.

“This significant technical breakthrough represents an important step in Corazon’s development pathway for Lynn Lake,” Corazon Mining said in its ASX announcement.

“It supports the production and dispatch of separate copper and nickel concentrates from site to smelters and removes the need for potentially costly secondary processing from a bulk (nickel-copper) concentrate onsite.”

Corazon has testwork underway focused on ore characterisation, flotation and product definition for down-stream processing and is designed to provide key data for future mining and development studies for the possible re-commencement of mining at Lynn Lake.

The recent testwork demonstrated nickel and cobalt are captured together in the flotation process and separated from the copper sulphides.

The nickel concentrate does contain a small amount of copper and the copper concentrate retains a small amount of nickel, as such, Corazon’s on-going work aims to determine how much the recoveries can be improved while maintaining high concentrate grades.