Corazon Mining Follows Survey Lead to Acquire New Ground

THE DRILL SERGEANT: Corazon Mining (ASX: CZN) recently added ground surrounding the company’s Lynn Lake nickel-copper-cobalt sulphide project in Manitoba Province, Canada.

Corazon Mining made the acquisition in order to add a substantial new geophysical anomaly the company recently identified by way of an aerial MobileMT geophysical survey at Lynn Lake.

The survey identified multiple new anomalies indicative of nickel-copper-cobalt sulphide mineralisation.

As can often be the case the most substantial and highest priority geophysical anomaly defined by the MobileMT survey was located on vacant tenure outside of Corazon’s Lynn Lake project area, south and immediately adjacent to the prospective Fraser Lake Complex (FLC).

The new anomaly, called South Pipe, includes two large magnetic pipe-like bodies, one of which is conductive, that the company considers could possibly be indicative of a deep-seated intrusive pathway that appears linked to known nickel-copper-cobalt sulphide mineralisation within the FLC.

This conductive anomaly is now a priority drill target in Corazon’s exploration for massive sulphide mineralisation at Lynn Lake.

“We identified this feature almost immediately in the new geophysical data, more than six or seven weeks ago,” Corazon Mining chairman Terry Streeter said in the company’s ASX announcement.

“Since then, the main priority has been to secure tenure over the anomaly.

“So far, these targets are the only pipe-like bodies defined in the Fraser Lake area, an area that exhibits widespread sulphide mineralisation.

“This is what we’ve been chasing.

“Importantly, they represent a critical ingredient to understanding the geological model at Fraser Lake and are potentially ‘up-stream’, closer to the source, from gabbros polluted with nickel-copper-cobalt mineralisation.”

The newly defined South Pipe magnetic anomaly includes two parallel pipe-like bodies approximately 150 metres apart; they are a dominant geophysical feature in the area west of the FLC.

These two features are the first pipe-like bodies identified at the FLC and importantly provide an exploration target similar to the high-grade EL deposit.

Corazon is in the process of organising a northern winter drilling program over the recently defined priority targets at Lynn Lake.