Corazon Mining Encouraged by Mount Gilmore Metallurgy Results

THE DRILL SERGEANT: Corazon Mining (ASX: CZN) has carried out preliminary metallurgical testwork on samples from the company’s Mount Gilmore project in New South Wales.

Corazon Mining said the work had delivered excellent results with simple flotation testing yielding a recovery of 92.2 per cent for cobalt, 89 per cent for copper and 75.5 per cent for gold, in a total concentrate with 11.1 per cent mass recovery.

Corazon explained the testwork was conducted on a representative sample composited from reverse circulation (RC) chips from a 2016 drilling program, which intersected mineralisation from near surface to depths of up to 151 metres.

The composite sample contained 0.84 per cent cobalt, 0.21 per cent copper and 0.47 grams per tonne gold.

Noting these to be first pass results, Corazon said it expected better results will be achieved with optimisation.

It put this confidence down to the fine nature of the material, which means samples from RC chips are typically difficult to control during flotation and it can be expected that the results would improve for testwork carried out on core or rock samples.

“Initial sighter-gravity concentration testwork indicated that a high-grade cobalt concentrate can be obtained from a small fraction of the feed mass,” Corazon Mining said in its ASX announcement.

“The results suggest that a 12.2 per cent cobalt grade concentrate can be produced from only 1.31 per cent of the initial mass.

“This has the potential to significantly reduce downstream equipment size and reagent consumption, improving both the Project’s CAPEX and OPEX.”

Corazon said the results have confirmed its mineralogy expectations – that cobalt is present as cobaltite, copper is present as chalcopyrite and the gold is predominantly associated with the sulphide minerals.

“The similar nature of the sulphide minerals, together with the gold association, has the potential to simplify the beneficiation process by the production of a bulk concentrate,” the company said.