BRC expands US Addiction clinic sales

THE ROADHOUSE PHARMACY: Brain Resource Limited (ASX: BRC) reported that it has added five new addiction treatment centres to use the company’s MyBrainSolutions, bringing the total number of addiction centres that have contracted to use MyBrainSolutions to 20.

BRC said MyBrainSolutions has now been sold into two large U.S. Brain Health markets that have very high needs, being:

US Corporate Employee Wellness programs – $5 billion per annum market; and

Addiction Clinics – a $50 billion market.

According to BRC, MyBrainSolutions is the first Brain Health product to penetrate US Fortune 500 corporations for use by employees to improve Wellness.

The company said MyBrainSolutions is now showing strong demand from addiction treatment centres.

MRC explained MyBrainSolutions is used by clinicians in these centres to track and guide a patient’s course of rehabilitation and treatment planning.

MyBrainSolutions offers a comprehensive suite of assessment tools and brain training exercises that assists clinicians to assess their patients in order to guide their decision-making and also helps patients to manage cravings and build new habits for sober living.

These treatment centres range from residential to outpatient to sober living and include the Cornerstone of Recovery, St. Gregory Retreat Center and Townsend Treatment Centers.

There are 14,000 addiction centres in the US (National Survey of Substance Abuse Treatment Services: 2012).

MRC indicated the growth of this market is a focus of its recent $7 million capital raising.