Azure Minerals recives metallurgic test results from Mesa de Plata

THE BOURSE WHISPERER: Azure Minerals (ASX: AZS) reported encouraging results from preliminary metallurgical testwork carried out on silver mineralisation from Mesa de Plata, which is part of the company’s Alacrán project located in the northern Mexican state of Sonora.

“Metallurgical recovery was always going to be critical to this deposit and these very favourable results provide us with the confidence to continue progressing the project with further development studies,” Azure Minerals managing director Tony Rovira sadi in the company’s announcement to the Australian Securities Exchange. 

Azure has a series of preliminary mineralogical and metallurgical tests undertaken to characterise mineralogy of the mineralisation and identify silver-bearing species.

The test also extracted silver by cyanide leaching, flotation and gravity methods in order to identify favourable processing routes and to identify options to improve processing grades and recoveries.

For these tests a master composite (head grade of approximately 130g/t silver) and a high grade composite (head grade of approximately 600g/t silver) were prepared.

The high-grade composite returned 70 per cent recovery from the cyanide leaching process and 67 to 72 per cent from flotation, while the master composite returned 52 per cent from cyanidation and 51 to 55 per cent from flotation.

For the high-grade composite, a combination of flotation followed by cyanidation of the tails increased total silver recovery to 76 per cent.