AVZ Minerals Hits High-Grade Lithium and Tin at Roche Dure

THE DRILL SERGEANT: AVZ Minerals (ASX: AVZ) received pleasing assay results from Mineral Resource drilling completed at the company’s Manono lithium and tin project in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

AVZ Minerals received the assay results from the first four of nine planned diamond drill holes being undertaken at Roche Dure in previously undrilled areas beneath the historical pit which were inaccessible and under water during earlier resource drilling programs.

Results include:

138.52 metres at 1.59 per cent lithium dioxide (Li2O) and 1,250 ppm tin

9.0m at 0.63 per cent Li2O and 763ppm tin (with 3.05m of core loss)
32.19m at 1.33 per cent Li2O and 1,257 ppm tin (with 0.25m core loss)

203.25m at 1.59 per cent Li2O and 1,014ppm tin (with 0.3m of core loss) including 10.0m at 2.45 per cent Li2O and 661ppm tin and 15.0m at 1.95 per cent Li2O and 1,087ppm tin and 17.0m at 2.11 per cent Li2O and 768ppm tin and
276.20m at 1.45 per cent Li2O and 1,035ppm tin (with 1m of sample not returned)

28.3 at 1.17 per cent Li2O and 1,412ppm tin (with 1m of sample not returned) and
4.90m at 0.04 per cent Li2O and 689ppm tin.

“These drilling results, combined with the pit floor mapping, confirm the pit floor ‘wedge’ is in fact made up of pegmatitic rock that historically was mined as tin-bearing feedstock,” AVZ managing director Nigel Ferguson said in the company’s ASX announcement.

“This area had previously been categorised as waste material in our current mining and financial model due to a lack of drilling data and under our current model, is pre-stripped as waste before ore can be sent to the processing plant.

“These positive drill results unequivocally demonstrate this is not the case and this material may be remodelled with increased confidence as revenue generating ore once all of the assay results are returned.

“The company is waiting on further assay results, with the targeted drill program soon to be completed with only one hole currently underway.”





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