AMMG lodges alumina process patent

THE BOURSE WHISPERER: Australia Minerals and Mining Group (AMMG) (ASX:AKA) has filed a new patent application with the Australian patent office, Intellectual Property (IP) Australia.

The patent application relates to AMMG’s acid-based processing technology, which produces alumina from its aluminous clay material (kaolin) sourced from the company’s 100 per cent-owned South West HPA (high purity alumina) project.


Tenement locations of AMMG’s South West HPA projects. Source: Company announcement


HPA refers to alumina with a purity level of more than 99.99 per cent.

It is a premium high-value product used in a number of applications such as high-performance electronics; tablets, mobile phones, computer screen backlighting; LED’s; and hybrid cars.

The company’s newly-developed process is capable of producing alumina with purity levels greater than 99.95 per cent purity.

“The company’s aim in filing the patent application is to protect the intellectual property relating to the creation of its own unique processing technology, which is in part favoured by the mineralogy of AMMG’s aluminous clay material,” AMMG managing director Ric Dawson said in the company’s announcement to the Australian Securities Exchange.

“AMMG’s processing technology benefits from a low-energy input; the process uses low temperatures and pressures.

“It produces saleable by-products and the key reagents are recyclable.

“With the patent application, AMMG has the confidence to advance its commercialisation strategy, which involves determining the optimised location and potential construction of a HPA pilot plant facility.

“After the successful production of greater than 99.9 per cent HPA using our process, AMMG will now build on advancing the level of interest we have received to date from around the world.”

AMMG’s South West HPA project is held by its wholly-owned subsidiary Kaolin Resources.

The project consists of one granted exploration licence and nine applications, targeting aluminous clay in the south west of Western Australia and in the Yilgarn mineral belt: Meckering, Kerrigan, Kellerberrin, Bobalong and Gibson.