Alto Metals Identifies Additional Aircore Drilling Targets

THE DRILL SERGEANT: Alto Metals (ASX: AME) received the first batch of assays from a regional soil sample program on the company’s Sandstone project in Western Australia.

Alto Metals said the program had defined several new gold-in-soil anomalies between and around the Vanguard and Maninga Marley areas of the project.

The sampling demonstrated extensive gold in soil anomaly associated with Vanguard (and Vanguard North), and a new northeast trending anomaly halfway between Vanguard and Maninga Marley, and a strong and extensive gold in soil anomaly to the north and east of Maninga Marley, which complements a previous soil anomaly detected by Troy Resources.

The recent sampling program followed a compilation put together by Alto of a patchwork of soil sampling programs from various previous explorers.

The soil sampling program is to involve 3,000 samples over 17 target areas that Alto expects will, “fill in the gaps” in regard to its current knowledge base.

“To date, 1,654 soil samples have been collected and submitted for low level gold analysis, and results have been received from the first batch of 332 samples located between Vanguard and Maninga Marley,” Alto Metals said in its ASX announcement.

“The results of Alto’s two previous soil sampling programs, located over Vanguard and Maninga Marley indicated that gold in (residual) soils was more widespread than previously thought, and that further soil sampling at Sandstone could assist in the identification and ranking of gold targets for drill testing.

“The current soil sampling program is approximately 50 per cent complete, with another 1,400 samples planned to be taken.”

Alto Metals indicated a nominal 20,000 metre program of aircore drilling has been budgeted for drill testing soil anomalies at Vanguard, Maninga Marley, and a number of other prospects.

This work will commence in late May with RC drill testing to follow shortly thereafter.

This program includes a 5,000m aircore drilling program between and around Vanguard and Vanguard North, and these new soil results will add further holes and metres to that program.