A New Name Reflects Portable Spectral Services Move Into International Marketplace

THE BOURSE WHISPERER: The name has changed but the quality of products and back-up service remains second to none as the company formerly known as Portable XRF Services is now going by the moniker of Portable Spectral Services.

Portable Spectral Services announced the change of name stating it reflects the growth it has achieved in recent times from the delivery of its services and instrumentation across an industrial spectrum.

The relaunch includes a new company Website and expansion into the Canadian market.

“The new name – Portable Spectral Services – comes at a key crossroads for our company,” Portable Spectral Services managing director Christabel Brand said.

“We aim for the new name to reflect the expansion of services, industries and additional instrumentation the company has begun to offer in the past year.”

“The name change echoes our current growth into the Canadian market, in addition to our ever-expanding range of business objectives.

“In conjunction to this rename, we have also launched a new website to reflect our evolution as a company.”

The change of name to Portable Spectral Services will be effective immediately, reflected in branding, emails, and information provided by the company.

Although everything seems new the company assures its loyal customer base that the essence of the company remains the same.

“The company continues to offer portable XRF related services, however, we have expanded into areas such as Raman, FTIR, micro-XRF and furthering opportunities with NIR,” explained business manager Lauren Steen.

“We are continuing to be committed to delivering dynamic services to our clients, with a dedicated approach to research and development for industry and academic application, both in Australia and Canada.”

The best way to learn about what the company has to offer is, of course, by clicking the link below to visit the new Portable Spectral Services website.