High Kicks and Hi-Jinks Always on the Kalgoorlie Entertainment Bill

THE ROADHOUSE HISTORY FILES: Diggers & Dealers always brings the best out of Kalgoorlie, providing the visiting throng with a wealth of entertainment possibilities.

Judging by this week’s missive from the early pages of the City’s newspaper, perhaps the forums’ entertainment committee may have to rethink who they bring up to headline the Gala Dinner this year.

Kalgoorlie Miner: September 16 1895

Hansen’s Concert Company gave a performance in the dining room at the Club Hotel on Saturday evening to a large audience.

The programme commenced with an overture by the orchestra, and then followed a chorus, by the company, and songs by Messrs Cahill, Jenkins, Bracy, Martin and Fletcher, the last named possessing a beautiful tenor voice.

Eddie Simpson contributed some of his well-known Coster songs, and was deservedly encored whilst Albert Whelan’s facial contortions were most amusing.

In the second part of the programme amongst the selections were a clog dance by W. Jenkins, and some skilful dancing and high kicking by Messrs Martin and Moran.

rollicking farce entitled ‘Shaving made easy,’ concluded the programme.

The company are to perform again at Hannans in a fortnight’s time.


Company Values Held Back from London Bulls by Kalgoorlie Bears

THE ROADHOUSE HISTORY FILES: Diggers & Dealers attracts all types to Kalgoorlie for the week of the Forum, many of which are involved in the buying and selling of shares of the companies present.

It would seem, from the early pages of the town’s newspaper that speculation of the involvement of shareholders in the fortunes of local companies was on the minds of industry watchers back then.


Kalgoorlie Miner: September 14 1895


The sudden rise in Lake View shares which have quickly jumped from 22s (shillings) to £2 should serve as a warning to anyone tempted to “bear” the stocks of the district.

The rise was occasioned by the arrival of heavy buying orders from London, and it is quite on the cards that some of the little Australian firms, which for years have successfully rigged the Colonial scrip markets, will find themselves badly left by a similar influx of English buying orders.

The attention the Kalgoorlie mines are now receiving in the Old Country is hardly credited even by many local men, who appear to think the market can be as easily rigged now as in the good old days when all stocks were held in the colonies.

This is not the case and at present there is every appearance of a London boom in Hannans stocks, which will result in the market being ruled from the great moneyed centre of the world.

Already Australia’ s boldest specker, who went to London with the avowed intention of knocking out Boulder shares is returning a poorer if not a wiser man.

If the great British public commence to invest in our shares no feeble attempt of Colonial “bears ” will be of avail to check the rise in the market which will boom in spite of them.

There is no reason why Lake Views should have been so long neglected on their price so low.

Although not a sensational property it is a sterling mine which will continue to pay dividends for many years to come.

The rise is perfectly justified and is but the forerunner of many equally startling, which will take place within the next few months.

From now to the end of November is the most active period of the London Mining Market, and there is little doubt the next few months have many surprises in store for Kalgoorlie.



Kalgoorlie Stakes its Historic Claim as Goldfields Capital

THE ROADHOUSE HISTORY FILES: With the 2021 Diggers and Dealers Forum looming, The Resources Roadhouse commences a weekly look at the history of the town of Kalgoorlie through the pages of the town’s Kalgoorlie Miner newspaper.

From the paper’s first edition it would seem that not much has changed in terms of the mining industry’s contribution to Kalgoorlie, the state of Western Australia and the Nation in general.

Kalgoorlie Miner: September 14 1895

THIS town is rapidly taking its place as the capital of the goldfields of Western Australia…

Already the mines of the district are so remarkable that they have thrown into the shade all properties in less favoured localities.

Today it is the Hannans mines and the phenomenal success which has attended their returns that have kept the great interior goldfields of Western Australia before the public.

But for these the collapse of the Londonderry, Bayley’s and a few other well-known properties would have caused a general withdrawal of money from these fields and thus have given gold mining a check such as years of patient labor (sic) would not have overcome.

Thanks to the wonderful success of the Great Boulder, Lake View and Ivanhoe mines, the only three crushing on the field, the whole of the interior goldfields have been saved from at least utter stagnation.

Now for the first time the district is being appreciated at its true worth as the greatest gold mining camp of the century and a boom founded solely on the merits of our hitherto ” Overlooked
Ore Deposits” is setting in.

Already the town is assuming the importance of an inland city, and all the mercantile houses of the colony are falling over one another in their eagerness to secure business sites in the main street.

The price of land, that sure barometer of the prosperity of the chief place in a district is going up by leaps and bounds and on all sides.

The clang of the builders’ hammers make noise, if not music, day and night.

It is not too much to expect that within a very short space of time Kalgoorlie will have a population of 20,000.