Aurelia Metals Extends Chronos Mineralisation

THE DRILL SERGEANT: Aurelia Metals (ASX: AMI) released results from drilling undertaken at the company’s Peak Mine in New South Wales.

Aurelia Metals carried out the 24-hole underground exploration drilling above the Chronos lode at the Peak Mine that was aimed at extending high-grade mineralisation up-dip.

Assay results for the initial sixteen holes have been received, returning strongly mineralised intercepts, including:

24 metres at 29.6 per cent lead and zinc (Pb+Zn), 0.4 grams per tonne gold and 44g/t silver;

4m at 0.6 per cent Pb+Zn, 5.5g/t gold and 4g/t silver, and 19m at 34.1 per cent Pb+Zn, 0.9g/t gold and 48g/t silver;

23m at 27.3 per cent Pb+Zn, 0.2g/t gold and 46g/t silver, including 9m at 40.7 per cent Pb+Zn, 0.4g/t gold and 50g/t silver;

25m at 21.6 per cent Pb+Zn, 0.7g/t gold and 35g/t silver, including 8m at 39.3 per cent Pb+Zn, 1.8g/t gold and 51g/t silver;

15m at 35.1 per cent Pb+Zn, 2.3g/t gold and 82g/t silver;

15m at 28.2 per cent Pb+Zn, 4.5g/t gold and 76g/t silver, including 5m at 46.8 per cent Pb+Zn, 12.4g/t gold and 143g/t silver;

16m at 33 per cent Pb+Zn, 1.9g/t gold and 67g/t silver; and

12m at 4.8 per cent Pb+Zn, 7.9g/t gold and 8g/t silver, and 14m at 31.2 per cent Pb+Zn, 0.7g/t gold and 40g/t silver.

“We are delighted to see the continuation of strong, consistent mineralisation above Chronos, transitioning from high-grade gold to high-grade base metals,” Aurelia Metals chairman and acting CEO Cobb Johnstone said in the company’s announcement to the Australian Securities Exchange.

“It is particularly pleasing to have extended the mineralised zone approximately 100 metres above the previous limit of known resources, with this high-grade zone remaining open up dip.”

Aurelia said the latest results extended the known high-grade mineralisation at Chronos to more than 100m above the current limits of delineated resources and more than 140m above the top of the current stoping level.

The base metal mineralisation encountered in this program remains open up-dip.

Aurelia has further underground drilling planned in the upper Chronos area, with the timing of this drilling linked to the advance of the mine development to higher levels.





Aurelia Metals Discovers High-Grade Mineralisation at Federation Prospect

THE DRILL SERGEANT: Aurelia Metals (ASX: AMI) declared discovery of a new polymetallic mineral system at the Federation prospect, 10 kilometres south-southwest of the Hera Mine near Cobar in New South Wales.

Aurelia Metals explained the prospect is situated in the southern portion of its 100 per cent-owned Exploration Lease 6162.

In October last year Aurelia announced the discovery of near-surface polymetallic mineralisation at Dominion, located approximately one kilometre southeast of the Federation prospect, producing intercepts that were predominantly oxide or supergene in nature, including: 97 metres at 1 per cent copper and 2.4 per cent lead and zinc (Pb+Zn) in hole DRC017.

Aurelia said base metal sulphide mineralisation (zinc-lead-copper-gold-silver) had been discovered at the Federation prospect that is open in multiple directions with follow up diamond and RC drilling planned at depth and along strike.

Intercepts at Federation to date include:

5m at 22.6 per cent Pb+Zn and 3.07 grams per tonne gold;
6m at 21.1 per cent Pb+Zn and 0.33g/t gold;
6m at 16.9 per cent Pb+Zn and 0.62g/t gold;
4m at 23.4 per cent Pb+Zn and 0.28g/t gold; and
4m at 11.4 per cent Pb+Zn and 0.08g/t gold.

Shallow drilling at the nearby Dominion prospect returned the first notable sulphide copper intercepts, including:

5m at 2.8 per cent copper and 8g/t silver; and
5m at 2.2 per cent copper and 5g/t silver.

“The drilling at Federation is very encouraging, especially with assays showing the presence of gold mineralisation,” Aurelia Metals executive chairman & CEO, Cobb Johnstone said in the company’s announcement to the Australian Securities Exchange.

“Drilling at Dominion has unveiled primary copper mineralisation at relatively shallow depths.

“These results provide more evidence of the prospective nature of this region.

“Immediate follow-up is planned on a number of identified targets.”





Aurelia Metals Confirms Potential of Peak Deeps

THE DRILL SERGEANT: Aurelia Metals (ASX: AMI) received assay results from drilling carried out on the Peak Deeps system at the company’s Peak gold mine near Cobar in New South Wales.

Aurelia Metals completed the 19-hole resource extension and infill program in the Peak Deeps area in February and assays from the first 12 holes have returned multiple high-grade gold and base metal intercepts.

The company has now received assays for the final seven holes drilled in this program that returned results including:

39 metres at 6.9 grams per tonne gold, 20.3 per cent lead+zinc (Pb+Zn), 32g/t silver and 0.9 per cent copper;

11m at 8.4g/t gold, 4.5 per cent Pb+Zn, 4g/t silver and 0.1 per cent copper;

9m at 0.7g/t gold, 18.7 per cent Pb+Zn, 15g/t silver and 0.1 per cent copper; and

3m at 4.9g/t gold, 7.7 per cent Pb+Zn, 32g/t silver and 1.1 per cent copper.

Aurelia said these latest results highlighted the high-grade potential of the Peak Deeps system, with mineralisation open at depth and along strike.

The company considers the association of strong lead and zinc mineralisation with high-grade gold (as seen in UD19PP1538) further enhances the comparison to the Chronos ores currently being mined.

Following the completion of up-dip extensional drilling at the Chronos lode, Aurelia has now re-commenced underground drilling in the Peak Deeps area.

The company indicated the new program will aim to infill and extend the high-grade mineralisation already identified, comprising 14 holes for 4,200 metres of drilling.

“The first phase of drilling at Peak Deeps is complete with the second phase already underway,” Aurelia Metals managing director and CEO Jim Simpson said in the company’s announcement to the Australian Securities Exchange.

“The company is very excited about the longer term prospects of this orebody and intends to fast track development to access the high-grade and develop more drilling platforms to identify extensions both deeper, laterally and potential up dip.”





Aurelia Metals Progresses Drilling at Hera

THE DRILL SERGEANT: Aurelia Metals (ASX: AMI) is progressing exploration and Resource infill drilling in the upper North Pod lode at the company’s Hera mine, located south east of Cobar in New South Wales.

Aurelia Metals has received final assay results for a further 34 drill holes, adding to the initial 12 holes it reported to the market in December 2018.

The company said the ongoing program has returned multiple new high-grade base metal, silver and gold intercepts including:

18.5 metres at 3.7 per cent lead and zinc (Pb+Zn), 27g/t silver and 8 grams per tonne gold, including 7m at 4.4 per cent Pb+Zn, 27g/t silver and 19.6g/t gold;

7m at 45.1 per cent Pb+Zn, 229g/t silver and 0.3g/t gold;

14m at 18.3 per cent Pb+Zn, 188g/t silver and 0.8g/t gold, including 6m at 35.4 per cent Pb+Zn, 222g/t silver and 0.3g/t gold;

17m at 4.5 per cent Pb+Zn, 19g/t silver and 5.3g/t gold, including 2m at 4.9 per cent Pb+Zn, 32g/t silver and 42.5g/t gold; and

12m at 23.1 per cent Pb+Zn, 106g/t silver and 0.6g/t gold.

Aurelia Metals said it was encouraged by the results from holes HRUD642 and HRUD651 as they extend the high-grade trend at North Pod beyond the current Inferred Resources and well beyond the current life-of-mine (LOM) stoping plan.

“We expect these exciting results in North Pod will add to the Resources and Reserves,” Aurelia Metals managing director & CEO Jim Simpson said in the company’s announcement to the Australian Securities Exchange.

“The company continues to focus on near-mine exploration to extend the future at Hera.”