Peel Mining Scores Further Southern Nights High-Grades

THE DRILL SERGEANT: Peel Mining (ASX: PEX) reported further positive drilling and geophysical results from the company’s 100 per cent-owned Wagga Tank/Southern Nights project, south of Cobar in western New South Wales.

Peel Mining declared the project to be rapidly emerging as one of the most significant zinc polymetallic discoveries in Australia in recent years.

The company recently received assay results it said had continued to add high-grade mineralisation to the Southern Nights mineral system.

Recent drilling has focused on testing at deeper levels at Southern Nights and in the Wagga Tank-Southern Nights corridor and was successful in intercepting the critical host stratigraphic units, with mineralisation observed in all drillholes.

Latest Southern Nights highlights include:

13.1 metres at 5.49 per cent zinc, 1.53 per cent lead, 0.39 per cent copper, 31 grams per tonne silver, 0.51g/t gold from 259.8m;

46.4m at 3.91 per cent zinc, 1.51 per cent lead, 60g/t silver, 0.17g/t gold from 227.6m, including 18.9m at 7 per cent zinc, 2.74 per cent lead, 112g/t silver, 0.35g/t gold from 227.6m;

11.9m at 3.02 per cent zinc, 1.39 per cent lead, 203g/t silver from 240m, including 7.4m at 4.88 per cent zinc, 2.08 per cent lead, 311g/t silver from 241m; and

42.45m at 1 per cent copper, 18g/t silver, 0.35g/t gold, 0.3 per cent zinc, 0.14 per cent lead from 483.55m, including 10m at 1.94 per cent copper, 30g/t silver, 0.61g/t gold, 0.14 per cent zinc, 0.13 per cent lead from 496m.

Follow-up drilling at the Fenceline prospect also encountered further mineralisation that remains open along strike and down-dip.

First-pass drilling at The Bird, located about 1.5km north of Fenceline, returned anomalous geochemistry confirming that base metal mineralisation is associated with the chargeable geophysical IP target.

Follow-up drilling at Fenceline returned:

8m at 6.29 per cent lead, 33g/t silver, 0.94g/t gold from 94m;

6m at 2.62 per cent lead, 18g/t silver, 1.76g/t gold from 97m; and

3m at 5.41 per cent zinc, 2.78 per cent lead, 0.25 per cent copper, 43g/t silver, 0.15g/t gold from 159m.

“A comprehensive geophysical review has recently been completed, identifying multiple targets in proximity of the Wagga Tank-Southern Nights-Fenceline prospects,” Peel Mining said in its ASXX announcement.

“Systematic drill testing of these targets is planned in the coming months.

“First-pass metallurgical testwork is also continuing.”





Peel Mining Confirms Southern Nights Mineralisation Continuation at Depth

THE DRILL SERGEANT: Peel Mining (ASX: PEX) reported drilling and geophysical results from the company’s 100 per cent-owned Wagga Tank/Southern Nights project, south of Cobar in western New South Wales.

Peel Mining said that assay results from drillhole WTRCDD122 confirmed a strongly mineralised intercept at more than 350 metres below surface adding substantial down-dip continuity to mineralisation at Southern Nights.

22.1 metres at 6.62 per cent zinc, 2.19 per cent lead, 0.87 per cent copper, 60 grams per tonne silver, 0.42g/t gold from 459m, including 5.1m at 18.36 per cent zinc, 5.71 per cent lead, 0.12 per cent copper, 72g/t silver, 0.2g/t gold from 476m.

Peel Mining said that follow-up drillhole WTRCDD124 confirmed the critical stratigraphic contact hosting Southern Nights’ mineralisation remains present at more than 500m below surface.

Downhole electromagnetic (DHEM) geophysical surveying of drillhole WTRCDD123 also identified an off-hole conductor the company considers to likely represent extensions to recently-reported mineralisation encountered in WTRCDD123 of:

14.45m at 2.43 per cent copper, 2.67g/t gold, 123g/t silver, 2.58 per cent zinc, 0.87 per cent lead from 435.55m.

Drillhole WTRCDD101, positioned south of Wagga Tank and north of Southern Nights, returned a mineralised interval that company determined as further evidence of a link between the deposits.

The intercept in WTRCDD101 is located some 250m south and around 250m up-dip of the intercept in WTRCDD123.

“WTRCDD123 is situated between Wagga Tank and Southern Nights and coupled with WTRCDD101 and other intervening drillholes has established a link between the two deposits,” Peel Mining said in its ASX announcement.

“Current drilling is focused on testing for deeper mineralisation at Southern Nights and in the Wagga Tank-Southern Nights corridor.

“Induced Polarisation (IP) geophysical surveys along with downhole electromagnetic (DHEM) surveys are continuing.

“A comprehensive review of geophysical data is also practically complete (final report awaited) whilst first-pass metallurgical testwork is continuing.”





Peel Mining Confirms Large-Scale Mineral System at Wagga Tank

THE DRILL SERGEANT: Peel Mining (ASX: PEX) released further drill results from the company’s 100 per cent-owned Wagga Tank/Southern Nights project, south of Cobar in western New South Wales.

Peel Mining said the results continue to confirm its view that it has discovered a large or ‘camp-scale’ base metal-rich mineral system comprising multiple high-grade deposits clustered close to one another.

The drilling was carried out before and after the Christmas/New Year break and Peel considers them to emphasise the extensive and high-grade nature of zinc-lead-silver-gold mineralisation present at the Southern Nights prospect.

Other drilling included a first-pass program on the The Bird/Fenceline prospect, the results from which indicate potential to add further high-grade mineralisation to the Wagga Tank/Southern Nights project.

Previous and latest high-grade zinc-lead-silver-gold intercepts from Southern Nights, returned:

12m at 16.11 per cent zinc, 5.41 per cent lead, 151 grams per tonne silver, 0.44g/t gold from 215m;

15m at 4.81 per cent zinc, 2.31 per cent lead, 0.61 per cent copper, 66g/t silver, 0.59g/t gold from 234m and 18m at 4.41 per cent zinc, 1.57 per cent lead, 19g/t silver, 0.12g/t gold from 274m;

9.2m at 7.18 per cent zinc, 1.98 per cent lead, 0.48 per cent copper, 34g/t silver, 0.64g/t gold from 263m;

6m at 5.01 per cent zinc, 1.91 per cent lead, 435g/t silver, 2.46g/t gold from 195m; and

22m at 4.71 per cent zinc, 1.93 per cent lead, 80g/t silver, 0.12g/t gold from 178m.

The recent drilling confirmed the Bird/Fenceline prospect as an additional high-priority target with high-grade lead-silver-gold intercepts returned.

Better assays include:

24m at 12.55 per cent lead, 0.2 per cent zinc, 68g/t silver, 2.49g/t gold from 118m, including 13m at 21.49 per cent lead, 0.27 per cent zinc, 120g/t silver, 4.36g/t gold from 119m;

6m at 11.69 per cent lead, 0.4 per cent zinc, 39g/t silver, 1.38g/t gold from 91m, including 3m at 20.95 per cent lead, 0.61 per cent zinc, 66g/t silver, 2.08g/t gold from 92m; and

2m at 7.48 per cent zinc, 4.49 per cent lead, 36g/t silver, 0.21g/t gold from 137m.

“RC and diamond drilling at the Wagga Tank/Southern Nights project is ongoing, with a focus on processing and sampling drilling material that is currently at hand,” Peel Mining said in its ASX announcement.

“Follow-up drilling at Fenceline/The Bird is also planned.

“Drilling will be designed to continue to test for strike and dip extensions; and to test other targets in the general Wagga Tank area.

“Additional surface geophysical surveys are also planned to assist with targeting.

“First-pass metallurgical testwork is underway with follow-up work expected to commence during the next quarter.”





Peel Mining Basking in Southern Nights Glow

Peel Mining (ASX: PEX) is recalibrating its project rankings following the discovery of the Southern Nights deposit within the company’s Cobar Basin projects in New South Wales.

Peel Mining’s focus has been development of the Mallee Bull and Wirlong copper and base metals discoveries.

Mallee Bull is a 50:50 Joint Venture with CBH Resources hosting a JORC 2012-compliant Mineral Resource of 6.76 million tonnes at 1.8 per cent copper, 31 grams per tonne silver, 0.4g/t gold, 0.6 per cent lead and 0.6 per cent zinc for approximately 119,000 tonnes of copper, 6.6 million ounces silver, 83,000 ounces gold, 38,000t lead and 38,000t zinc.

Recent drilling at Mallee Bull focused on the high-grade near-surface zinc-lead-silver-gold Silver Ray lens to define mineralisation limits and provide material for ongoing metallurgical testwork and geotechnical review.

A feasibility study is investigating the conceptual development of the Silver Ray lens as a dig and truck operation, under which ore would be milled at CBH’s Endeavor mine approximately 150km away.

The Wirlong prospect is part of the Cobar Superbasin project, under a Memorandum of Agreement with Japan Oil, Gas, and Metals National Corporation (JOGMEC).

Wirlong is a large hydrothermal system hosting high-grade copper mineralisation along a 2.5km strike length to depths of up to 950m, bearing the hallmarks of a Cobar-style deposit.

Recent drilling defined and extended the known mineralised system at Wirlong with assay results confirming exceptional copper-silver drill intercepts, including:

27 metres at 5.3 per cent copper, 23g/t silver from 286m.

The company believes the results highlight the structurally dislocated nature of the Wirlong copper system, which it considers to likely be a series of stacked, short-strike length, shoot-like structures characteristic of Cobar-style deposits.

The true width of mineralisation remains unknown, but Peel has estimated it to be 60 to 80 per cent of downhole widths based on the likelihood of mineralisation being sub-vertical in nature.

Wagga Tank is located approximately 130 kilometres south of Cobar on the western edge of the Cobar Superbasin.

Mineralisation at Wagga Tank comprises a near surface oxide gold zone, a possible supergene-enriched copper-gold-silver zone, and a primary zinc-lead-silver -rich massive sulphide zone starting at the base of oxidation at around 120m below surface.

Peel carried out a second drilling program in June 2017 at the main Wagga Tank deposit testing for north-easterly strike extensions to mineralisation encountered by the first stage of drilling.

This intersected a substantial zone of semi-massive/breccia quartz-sulphide mineralisation.

6m at 8.52 per cent zinc, 2.97 per cent lead and 12g/t silver from 282m.

This mineralised zone was reinforced with intercepts from another two holes drilled on up and down dip of WTRCDD020.

WTRCDD023 returned a zone of semi-massive/breccia quartz-sulphide mineralisation grading:
11m at 7.15 per cent zinc and 2.31 per cent lead, 58g/t silver from 396m, approximately 80m down-dip of the intercept in WTRCDD020.

This intercept was the deepest mineralised intercept Peel had achieved at Wagga Tank and currently remains open at depth and along strike.

Hole WTRCDD024 confirmed the up-dip continuation of zinc-lead-silver rich mineralisation returning:
16m at 1.46 per cent lead, 0.54 per cent zinc, 7.6g/t silver from 158m
22m at 1.06 per cent lead, 0.95 per cent zinc, 5.3g/t silver from 183m, and
10m at 1.22 per cent zinc, 0.73 per cent lead, 11.4g/t silver from 240m.

The zinc-rich Southern Nights discovery is located approximately one kilometre south of the high-grade (zinc-lead-silver-gold-copper) Wagga Tank deposit.

Drilling from in October 2017 confirmed Southern Nights as hosting Wagga Tank-style mineralisation with drillholes WTRC035 and WTRC033 returning assays of very high-grade zinc-lead-silver rich sulphides including massive sulphides.

These included:

21m at 31.02 per cent zinc, 12.05 per cent lead, 258g/t silver, 1.43g/t gold from 194m; and

46m at 17.01 per cent zinc, 9.57 per cent lead, 272g/t silver, 1.22g/t gold from 201m.

“Mallee Bull is our most advanced project in terms of exploration, however, Southern Nights is rapidly becoming our number one project ranking,” Peel Mining managing director Rob Tyson told The Resources Roadhouse.

“The discovery at Southern Nights can be attributed to the fact we have now spent eight years in the Cobar Basin.

“During that time, we have had an almost permanent presence there, which has allowed us to learn a great deal about the area.”

Peel Mining sprang in to action following the Christmas/New Year break, eager to commence field activities at Southern Nights, including two double shift diamond drilling rigs in operation.

Peel has begun planning for a systematic resource drill-out of the Southern Nights area along with first pass metallurgical testwork.

The company has interpreted the Southern Nights results to indicate it being a sub-vertical mineralised system, with a likely steep (70 to 80 degrees) westerly dip, implying true widths of between approximately 30 to 50 per cent of the downhole intervals it has encountered for all west-oriented drillholes, and between 70 to 90 per cent for east-oriented.

The company also considers Southern Nights to be a very large mineralised system that could be an extension of the Wagga Tank deposit.

“Our technical team has been with the company pretty much since we began exploring in the Cobar Basin, which has contributed to building our knowledge bank of the ground we have been exploring over that time,” Tyson said.

“That consistency has been a great contributor to the Southern Nights discovery.

“There are enough indicators to suggest that Wagga Tank and Southern Nights are part of the same large mineralised system.

“To date we have identified over two kilometres of strike with indications from recent RAB drilling that we could extend that out to over three kilometres.”

Peel Mining is currently undertaking RC and diamond drilling at the Wagga Tank/Southern Nights project, which is including two other prospects Fenceline and The Bird.

The program is to consist up to 15,000m of RC/diamond drilling and up to 10,000m of RAB drilling over the coming months and has been designed for:

Resource estimation purposes;
To continue to test for strike and dip extensions; and
To test other targets in the general Wagga Tank area.

Additional airborne and surface geophysical surveys are also planned to assist with targeting along with first-pass metallurgical testwork.

“We have drilled enough high-grade results at Southern Nights now that tells us we have a few hundred metres of strike, minimum, that possibly could end up being much bigger than that,” Tyson said.

“So, we are really focusing in on that area and starting to head towards resource drilling to define the geometry and grade of that system.

“We want to be in the position of being able to say – this is what Southern Nights looks like – but, at this stage I get the feeling it will remain a moving feast for the time to come.

“It is open in all directions and is definitely stacking up as being a big system.

“Our original aim of conducting all this Cobar Basin exploration was to build a camp of deposits in the one jurisdiction.

“I think we’re really on our way to that now.”


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Peel Mining Delivers Multiple High-Grade Hits at Southern Nights

THE DRILL SERGEANT: Peel Mining (ASX: PEX) claimed that recent results it received from the company’s 100 per cent- owned Wagga Tank/Southern Nights project, south of Cobar in western New South Wales, reinforce the view it has discovered a major high-grade zinc-rich mineral system.

Peel Mining said assay results it received from drilling undertaken prior to the Christmas/New Year break underscore the extensive and high-grade nature of zinc-lead-silver-gold mineralisation present at the Southern Nights prospect.

A previously reported, a diamond tail extension to drillhole WTRCDD033 intersected spectacular massive sphalerite-galena sulphide mineralisation.

Further assay results have confirmed that WTRCDD033 ranks as Peel’s best-ever drillhole intercept, having returned:

46 metres at 17.01 per cent zinc, 9.57 per cent lead, 272 grams per tonne silver, 1.22g/t gold from 201m.

On return from a shutdown for the Christmas/New Year holidays, the company has recommenced field activities with drilling at Southern Nights continuing with two double shift diamond rigs currently working.

First-pass RC drilling has also kicked off at Fenceline/The Bird prospect, located approximately five kilometres east of Wagga Tank/Southern Nights.

A fourth RC/diamond rig has resumed drilling at the Wirlong prospect (JOGMEC Farm-in/JV).

In addition, two geophysical crews (IP and gravity) are working in the Wagga Tank/ Southern Nights area.

“In-line with recent results, Peel has begun planning for a systematic resource drill-out of the Southern Nights area,” Peel Mining said in its ASX announcement.

“First pass metallurgical testwork is also anticipated to commence over the coming weeks.”