Alto Metals Defines ‘Superb’ Anomaly at Sandstone

THE DRILL SERGEANT: Alto Metals (ASX: AME) announced that soil sampling has located a strong linear gold-in-soil anomaly approximately 12 kilometres south of the Sandstone township in Western Australia.

Alto Metals said assays from 24 samples out of a total of 74 samples collected in the vicinity of a geophysical target approximately 12km south of Sandstone have defined a 1,500 metres-long, south-east striking gold in soil anomaly of plus-7ppb gold.

The maximum value was 228ppb gold, and 13 samples returned over 15ppb gold.

Alto said the assayed gold in soil anomaly, now known as the Superb Anomaly, lies in an area of iron rich duricrust (or laterite).

“It is not known at this stage whether the gold in the soil is representative of a primary gold source at depth or is alluvial in nature (ie. transported),” Alto Metals said in its ASX announcement.

“Further soil sampling is required to determine the extent of the gold in soil anomaly which is open to the south east.”

The company has lodged a Program of Work (PoW) for Aircore drilling with the Department of Mines, Industry and Safety but approval is yet to be granted.





Alto Metals Defines Sandstone In-Soil Gold Anomalies

THE DRILL SERGEANT: Alto Metals (ASX: AME) completed soil sampling it claims to have located three linear gold-in-soil anomalies along an interpreted ‘splay’ off the Edale Fault near Sandstone in Western Australia.

Alto Metals described the Edale Fault as a major deep crustal feature forming the eastern boundary of the Sandstone Greenstone belt, and a potential conduit for emplacement of gold-rich fluids.

The company has received assays from 28 samples out of a total of 340 samples collected in the vicinity of the Edale Fault that have returned anomalous results plus-7ppb gold in three discrete linear zones, each between 1,000 metres to 1,500m long.

“Throughout the Yilgarn Craton, the bounding faults to the Archaean greenstone belts and their environs play host to major orogenic gold deposits,” Alto Metals managing director Dermot Ryan said in the company’s announcement to the Australian Securities Exchange.

“We are very encouraged by these coherent, linear gold in soil anomalies, which we intend to drill test as soon as our Program of Work is approved by the Department of Mines, Industry Regulation and Safety.”





Alto Reviewing Gold Mine Potential

THE BOURSE WHISPERER: Alto Metals (ASX: AME) is conducting a review to ascertain the potential of the historic Oroya Black Range mine, approximately 500 metres east of the Sandstone township in Western Australia.

Alto Metals has carried out drone imagery along with other activities that include the capture of drill hole data into a digital database.

The company currently has digitising of historic level plans in progress.

The historic underground Oroya Mine is reported to have produced a total of 420,000 tonnes at 16.48 grams per tonne gold for 220,000 ounces of gold.

Alto Metals believes the Sandstone Reef of the Oroya Mine could represent a potential high-grade target at vertical depths of 300 metres below surface.

The company has a goal at Sandstone for the delineation of a plus-1 million ounce JORC 2012 Mineral Resource it hopes could become the basis for a re-establishment of standalone oxide and primary gold mining and milling operations at the project.

Alto also announced it has received assays for 197 samples collected in April 2018 south of the Bull Oak pits, six kilometres south east of the township of Sandstone.

“Assays from these samples have defined a coherent 30 parts per billion (ppb) gold-in-soil anomaly over 1.3 square kilometres which requires follow up,” Alto Metals said in its ASX announcement.

“Gold analyses for the remaining 282 soil samples collected in the area, which flank the anomalous gold-in-soil anomaly, are expected within two weeks.”





Alto Metals Identifies Additional Aircore Drilling Targets

THE DRILL SERGEANT: Alto Metals (ASX: AME) received the first batch of assays from a regional soil sample program on the company’s Sandstone project in Western Australia.

Alto Metals said the program had defined several new gold-in-soil anomalies between and around the Vanguard and Maninga Marley areas of the project.

The sampling demonstrated extensive gold in soil anomaly associated with Vanguard (and Vanguard North), and a new northeast trending anomaly halfway between Vanguard and Maninga Marley, and a strong and extensive gold in soil anomaly to the north and east of Maninga Marley, which complements a previous soil anomaly detected by Troy Resources.

The recent sampling program followed a compilation put together by Alto of a patchwork of soil sampling programs from various previous explorers.

The soil sampling program is to involve 3,000 samples over 17 target areas that Alto expects will, “fill in the gaps” in regard to its current knowledge base.

“To date, 1,654 soil samples have been collected and submitted for low level gold analysis, and results have been received from the first batch of 332 samples located between Vanguard and Maninga Marley,” Alto Metals said in its ASX announcement.

“The results of Alto’s two previous soil sampling programs, located over Vanguard and Maninga Marley indicated that gold in (residual) soils was more widespread than previously thought, and that further soil sampling at Sandstone could assist in the identification and ranking of gold targets for drill testing.

“The current soil sampling program is approximately 50 per cent complete, with another 1,400 samples planned to be taken.”

Alto Metals indicated a nominal 20,000 metre program of aircore drilling has been budgeted for drill testing soil anomalies at Vanguard, Maninga Marley, and a number of other prospects.

This work will commence in late May with RC drill testing to follow shortly thereafter.

This program includes a 5,000m aircore drilling program between and around Vanguard and Vanguard North, and these new soil results will add further holes and metres to that program.





Alto Metals Improves Vanguard Gold Values

THE DRILL SERGEANT: Alto Metals (ASX: AME) released results from 50gm fire assays carried out on one-metre individual RC samples from a recent drilling program.

Alto Metals said the 15 hole and 1 re-entry drilling program had been undertaken in February at the Vanguard prospect within the company’s Sandstone gold project in the East Murchison Mineral Field of Western Australia.

Fire assays from one-metre samples from Vanguard primary zone include:

25 metres at 3.8 grams per tonne gold from 85m, including 9m at 6.4g/t gold from 89m and 6m at 7g/t gold from 104m, including 4m at 10.7g/t gold from 106m; and

10m at 3.7g/t gold from 81m.

On completion of the Vanguard drilling, Alto moved the RC rig to the Indomitable prospect to test a new model of mineralisation.

Fire assays from one-metre composite samples from the three holes completed before the weather moved in returned numerous 1m to 5m intervals of 0.5g/t gold to 1.95g/t gold.

The best result returned was:

5m at 2.5g/t gold from 91m.

“As reported on 20 February 2018, the RC drilling completed in February has better defined the structures hosting gold mineralisation in fresh rock, and shown that the mineralisation remains open at depth,” Alto Metals said in its ASX announcement.

“As expected, 50gm fire assays of the one-metre samples produced higher-grade gold results over slightly shorter intervals than the assays from the four-metre composite samples.”