Hillgrove Resources Delivers Nugent Copper Gold Zone Results

THE DRILL SERGEANT: Hillgrove Resources (ASX: HGO) provided an update on drilling progress on the Nugent lode at the company’s Kanmantoo underground project in South Australia.

Hillgrove Resources recently completed 24 drill holes through the Nugent copper-goldAu system at Kanmantoo returning:

14.5m at 1.6 per cent copper, 0.34 grams per tonne gold (1.8% copper equivalent (CuEq)) from 175m downhole Including 3m at 5.17 per cent copper, 1.27g/t gold (6% CuEq) from 175m, and 14.8m at 0.87 per cent copper 0.69g/t gold (1.3% CuEq) from 252.2m;

16.55m at 1.22 per cent copper, 0.43g/t gold (1.5% CuEq) from 229.05m;

9.15m at 1.4 per cent copper, 1.09g/t gold (2.1% CuEq) from 289m downhole;

9.2m at 1.44 per cent copper, 0.81g/t gold (2% CuEq) from 209m downhole; and

4.9m at 1.11 per cent copper, 0.52g/t gold (1.5% CuEq) from 370.1m downhole.

Hillgrove reported 23 of the 24 holes drilled intersected the Nugent copper-gold lode system, demonstrating the continuity and copper-gold endowment of the system.

“The drilling results confirm the Nugent system extends beyond the previous Mineral Resource Estimate both along strike and at depth,” Hillgrove Resources CEO and managing director Lachlan Wallace said in the company’s ASX announcement.

“We are looking forward to getting these drill results into the resource model, which we expect will increase in both size and geological confidence, and then into the mine plan.

“In addition, it was very pleasing to see the strong drilling results at depth and to the south, which remain open and provide excellent opportunities to further increase the mineral inventory.”




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Mamba Exploration Defines Calyerup Creek Mineralisation

THE DRILL SERGEANT: Mamba Exploration (ASX: M24), on the eve of the RIU Sydney Resources Roundup, reported results drilling at the company’s Calyerup Creek project in the Great Southern of Western Australia.

Mamba Exploration said the RC drilling intersected shallow high-grade gold mineralisation, identifying mineralisation on each drill line across the southern gold trend the company had spotted from earlier soil sampling.

The results extended mineralisation from 350 metres as reported in March, to over 500m along strike and to a maximum vertical depth of around 35m.

The mineralisation remains open along strike and at depth.

Final assay results include:

6m at 1 gram per tonne gold gold from 2m;

5m at 0.8g/t gold from 7m, and 7m at 0.7g/t gold from 17m; and

12m at 0.7g/t gold from surface.

“It is pleasing to report that shallow and significant widths of gold mineralisation have been intersected on each of the drill lines completed across the southern gold trend,” Mamba Exploration managing director Mike Dunbar said in the company’s ASX announcement.

“To intersect significant mineralisation in the initial drilling over a strike length of more than 500 metres and to a maximum vertical depth of 35 metres is an excellent start to exploration in the region.

“The mineralisation remains open in all directions.

“Now that mineralisation has been confirmed over a substantial strike length, the next round of RC drilling has been planned to extend the mineralisation at depth and further along strike.

“Preparation for the drilling is well advanced with a PoW approved by DMIRS and environmental surveys confirming there are no impediments to drilling.

“A heritage survey has been commissioned and should be completed in late May or early June, allowing drilling as soon as the winter rains abate.

“While access to our southern projects is limited during winter, our exploration efforts will shift to the Copper Flats project in the Kimberley and the Ashburton gold project.”




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Great Boulder Resources Enhances Whiteheads Potential

THE DRILL SERGEANT: Great Boulder Resources (ASX: GBR) received drilling results from the company’s Whiteheads project north of Kalgoorlie in Western Australia before heading across for the RIU Sydney Resources Roundup.

Great Boulder Resources received assay results from 79 air-core (AC) holes completed at the end of January, designed to test geochemical anomalies at six prospects including three areas along the Arsenal Trend.

The company said the results continue to enhance its view that the Arsenal Trend has high potential for additional gold endowment, particularly south of the Blue Poles discovery.

Highlights include:

At Blue Poles South

4m at 0.77 grams per tonne gold from 32m to EOH; and

4m at 0.14g/t gold from 32m to EOH.

At Eclipse

4m at 0.91g/t gold from 48m; and

1m at 0.28g/t gold from 68m to EOH.

“With this program we started working on more regional targets at the south end of Whiteheads, but the results clearly highlight the Arsenal Trend as an ongoing priority for further drilling,” Great Boulder Resources managing director Andrew Paterson said in the company’s ASX announcement.

“From the north end of Blue Poles down to Tektite we’ve now defined over 2.5 kilometres of a mineralised trend.

“We need to drill deeper RC at holes at Blue Poles to test the higher-grade potential plunging to the south, and then start testing these new prospects south of Blue Poles.

“We also expect to have the AC rig back at Whiteheads in about a month, continuing first-pass drilling on additional geochemical targets defined within the broader project area.”




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Eastern Metals Claims High-Grade Zinc Zone Discovery at Browns Reef

THE DRILL SERGEANT: Eastern Metals (ASX: EMS) will be looking for people to speak with at the RIU Sydney Resources Roundup to explain its interpretation of recent drill results at the company’s Browns Reef project in New South Wales.

Eastern Metals has declared the results to show the first stage of a high-grade zinc-dominated polymetallic zone discovery at Browns Reef.

The company said assays received from the initial diamond drilling campaign at Browns Reef encountered high-grade broad intersections of sulphide mineralisation in all four holes drilled.

High grade zinc assay results, include:

6 metres at 3.2 per cent zinc, 1.3 per cent lead, 0.12 per cent copper, 8.6 grams per tonne silver and 0.3g/t gold from 453.5m;

13m at 5.4 per cent zinc, 2.3 per cent lead, 0.14 per cent copper, 11.5g/t silver and 0.9g/t gold from 225m, including 2m at 14.6 per cent zinc, 5.1 per cent lead, 0.22 per cent copper, 22.5g/t silver and 0.5g/t gold from 225m;

16m at 4.1 per cent zinc, 1.6 per cent lead, 0.33 per cent copper, 27.5g/t silver and 0.4g/t gold from 251m, including 6m at 7.3 per cent zinc, 2.3 per cent lead, 0.58 per cent copper, 47.7g/t silver and 0.9g/t gold from 251m;

“This initial drilling campaign has been an outstanding success with high-grade mineralisation encountered in all holes over significant mineralised intervals,” Eastern Metals managing director and CEO Wayne Rossiter said in the company’s ASX announcement.

“The Evergreen Zone lode has a current strike length of over 100 metres and vertical depth of at least 300 metres and remains open along strike and at depth.

“Our next steps will be to drill further along strike and this program has received regulatory approval.”




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BMG Resources Extends High-Grade Gold at Abercromby

THE DRILL SERGEANT: BMG Resources (ASX: BMG) will approach the RIU Sydney Resources Roundup with a spring in its step following the release of assay results from recent diamond drilling at the company’s Abercromby gold project in Western Australia.

BMG declared the drilling to have, “delivered another excellent batch of gold results”, which has added to the known mineralised envelope at the project’s Capital prospect that remains open at depth and along strike.

Results from the latest drilling, include:

31 metres at 6.18 grams per tonne gold from 162m, including 1m at 181.94g/t gold from 191m, and part of a broader 77m at 2.99g/t gold from 116m;

10m at 11.71g/t gold from 295m, including 1.17m at 23.84g/t gold from 295.4m and 2m at 44.54g/t gold from 304m; and

13.8m at 6.56g/t gold from 446m, including 1m at 86.02g/t gold from 446m.

BMG said the recent assays had built upon previous results achieved by its RC program by confirming extensions to multiple high-grade mineralised zones at the Capital prospect at depth and along strike – one of the primary goals for the current program.

Mineralisation at the Capital prospect has several primary north-west trending mineralised shear zones (lodes) that contain internal plunging high-grade gold shoots.

The latest drill results have continued to define these mineralised zones, the West Lode and East Lode, as well as a Hangingwall Lode to the east.

In addition, there are indications that there are further mineralised zones in the Capital area, in the footwall of the West Lode.

“It’s now well and truly game on at Abercromby,” BMG Resources managing director Bruce McCracken said in the company’s ASX announcement.

“In one single program, we have more than doubled the likely size of the deposit, intersected extremely high-grade gold in fresh rock, and proven the system is fertile at depth via the deepest drilling undertaken at the project to date.

“Our geological and grade models have again successfully targeted mineralisation at or very close to predicted locations, with extrapolation holding true at distances in excess of 250 metres.

“The nature and style of mineralisation is becoming well recognised, and the company is in a great position to leverage further success with the drill bit from here.”



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Black Cat Syndicate Produces Winning Drilling Results at Kal East

THE DRILL SERGEANT: Black Cat Syndicate (ASX: BC8) should be kept busy at the upcoming RIU Sydney Resources Roundup after the release of results from drilling programs recently completed across four mining centres within the company’s Kal East gold project in Western Australia.

Drilling at the Fingals Mining Centre focused on high priority targets, resulting in important advancements, including the identification and extension of the Western Lodes structure down dip and to the south of current drilling.

The company interpreted these results as potentially identifying a repeat of the high-grade Fingals style mineralisation.

Results include:

4 metres at 6.17 grams per tonne gold from 38m and 2m at 3.79g/t gold from 44m; and

1m at 20.4g/t gold from 29m.

Elsewhere at Fingals drilling extended the Southern Shoot along strike to the east and at depth, returning:

3m at 5.19g/t gold from 250m and 3m at 3.65g/t gold from 262m.

Also included in results was the intersection of a potential repeat horizon at depth that Black Cat believes could host Southern Shoot style mineralisation, of:

7m at 1.52g/t gold from 23m, 2m at 4.28g/t gold from 132m, and 1m at 1.23g/t gold from 267m.

A mineralised structure was also identified below the historic tailings dam:

2m at 4.13g/t gold from 72m and 4m at 2g/t gold from 76m.




At the Majestic Mining Centre first pass drilling 800m north of the Crown prospect produced promising results which are below a stripped profile and are like those seen upon the discovery of the Imperial/Majestic deposit.

Results include:

1m at 3.9g/t gold from 51m, 3m at 1.3g/t gold from 64m and 4m at 1.99g/t gold from 70m.

Infill drilling to the south of Jones Find confirmed continuity of mineralisation, with shallow, high-grade intercepts further enhancing the potential scale and economics of an open pit at the Jones Find deposit, which is located 500m from the planned processing facility.

Results include:

4m at 8.81g/t gold from 3m; and

4m at 3.47g/t gold from 34m.

RC grade control drilling at the Myhree Mining Centre contained numerous thick, high-grade results, which confirmed multiple mineralised zones as expected.

Results include:

7m at 9.5g/t gold from 9m;

4m at 9.89g/t gold from 25m; and

10m at 3.2g/t gold from 5m.

Black Cat’s final program of grade control drilling for the Myhree open pit is planned to commence in May 2022.

Drilling of two step-out diamond holes was undertaken at the Trojan Mining Centre to gain better understanding of the geology and to test mineralisation at depth.

Extensive zones of alteration were intersected demonstrating the extension of mineralisation approx. 150m below the historic open pit.

Results include:

19.28m at 1.12g/t gold from 206.45m, 12m at 1.46g/t gold from 264.95m and 19.01m at 1.25g/t gold from 288.43m.

Black Cat indicated Follow-up drilling is required in all the above areas and is planned during the remainder of 2022.

“We have results back from four successful drilling programs at Kal East,” Black Cat Syndicate managing director Gareth Solly said in the company’s ASX announcement.

“Fingals remains open in all directions and at depth and we have identified a number of exciting, high priority targets that may lead to additional Resource growth.

“At Majestic, regional drilling indicates the potential for additional new discoveries while Jones Find continues to grow.

“Trojan has demonstrated that mineralisation extends well beyond the base of the open pit as well as potentially along strike.

“Grade control at Myhree continues to confirm the shallow, high-grade Resources in the open pit position.

“Additional grade control drilling will be completed at Myhree ahead of potential toll treatment.”




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Alchemy Resources Identifies Lithium Anomalies at Karonie

THE DRILL SERGEANT: Alchemy Resources (ASX: ALY) has spotted a new coherent lithium and pathfinder elements anomalous corridor at the company’s 100 per cent-owned Karonie gold project near Kalgoorlie in Western Australia.

Alchemy identified the anomalies having conducted multi-element soil sampling at the Pecan/Mesquite/Hickory/Cherry prospects as part of a multi-commodity review.

The company’s analysis of lithium and pathfinder elements demonstrated a pattern of anomalism over 7km long and 1km wide with the northern zone having increasing levels of surface cover.

“The lithium and pathfinder anomalism identified by Alchemy’s soil sampling and recent rock chipping in proximity to Manna are an encouraging start,” Alchemy Resources CEO James Wilson said in the company’s ASX announcement.

“Mapping by our geologists has shown pegmatites in outcrop along strike of Manna which is made more significant by the fact that there’s been no pegmatites mapped in this region before.

“The geochemical review reaffirms the prospectivity of our large tenement package at Karonie in what has historically only ever seen gold and base metals exploration.

“Work is continuing to identify the other intrusive dykes in the vicinity through a program of detailed mapping and sampling.”




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Nexus Minerals Hits High-Grade Gold Link at Crusader-Templar

THE DRILL SERGEANT: Nexus Minerals (ASX: NXM) reported on recent drilling activity at the Crusader–Templar prospect, within the company’s Wallbrook gold project in Western Australia.

Nexus Minerals reported the gold mineralisation tenor and widths it has observed in the recent holes complement and enhance its previous drilling results at Crusader-Templar, intersecting broad high-grade mineralisation.

41 of 43 RC drill holes intersected gold mineralisation exhibiting strike and depth continuity, returning results that included:

5m at 4.09 grams per tonne gold, within 43m at 1.2g/t gold from 20m;

7m at 3.4g/t gold, within 20m at 1.27g/t gold from 28m; and

3m at 4.91g/t gold, within20m at 1.43g/t gold from 43m;

“The drill results continue to impress, with broad high-grade zones of mineralisation being returned,” Nexus Minerals managing director Andy Tudor said in the company’s ASX announcement.

“The positive link zone drill results allow us to confidently confirm the joining of the Crusader and Templar prospects into a single 1.6 kilometres mineralised corridor.

“With the five drill rigs continuing to operate on site as planned, we are now well into the 6,000 metres diamond drill program and the follow-up 40,000 metres RC program at Crusader-Templar.

“The strength of these results continues to build our confidence in the potential for the Crusader-Templar prospect to evolve into a very large mineralised system.”




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Musgrave Minerals Encounters Thick basement Gold Intersections at West Island, Cue JV

THE DRILL SERGEANT: Musgrave Minerals (ASX: MGV) reported assays received from diamond and aircore drilling programs underway on the company’s Cue Joint Venture with Evolution Mining in Western Australia’s Murchison district.

Musgrave Minerals said the diamond drilling continued to intersect potential ore grade intersections over wide thicknesses in basement rocks at the West Island prospect, including:

2.4 metres at 7.1 grams per tonne gold from 137.9m, and 19m at 4.43g/t gold from 282m, including 10.5m at 6.25g/t gold from 287m

2.9m at 9.59g/t gold from 308.1m, and 12m at 4.89g/t gold from 322m, including 9m at 6.37g/t gold from 322m; and

6.55m at 4.66g/t gold from 253.45m.

Aircore drilling results have also extended the large regolith gold mineralisation footprint at the West Island prospect, identifying new zones for follow-up basement drill testing, intersections include:

2m at 119.6g/t gold from 174m, 500m south of current West Island diamond drilling; and

2m at 18.06g/t gold from 74m, in new target area 2.8km south of West Island.

“The gold system at West Island on the Cue JV with Evolution is a discovery that highlights the upside potential of the Cue project,” Musgrave Minerals managing director Rob Waugh said in the company’s ASX announcement.

“Diamond drilling continues to deliver strong basement results with drilling confirming the potential for multiple high-grade basement gold lodes within the dolerite sill.

“To compliment these results aircore drilling continues to extend the West Island system and identify new basement targets under Lake Austin.”

Musgrave explained the intent of the drilling on the JV area is to delineate the scale of the gold system at West Island, test additional gold-in-regolith aircore anomalies and define new diamond drilling targets through aircore drilling.




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Miramar Resources Kicks Off Detailed Magnetic Survey at Lang Well

THE DRILL SERGEANT: Miramar Resources (ASX: M2R) has a detailed UAV magnetic survey underway over the company’s 100 per cent-owned Lang Well project in the Murchison region of Western Australia, which it considers prospective for gold and/or rare earth element (REE) mineralisation.

The survey follows a review of historical information that identified some 50 outcropping pegmatite occurrences within the project, including a swarm of pegmatites over seven kilometres of strike in the northern half of the project.

None of the pegmatite occurrences have been assayed for lithium or REEs.

The magnetic survey is expected to assist Miramar in planning a first aircore drilling program testing both the auger gold anomalism and REE potential.

“Lang Well covers a very large area with widespread surficial material covering prospective geology and structures,” Miramar Resources executive chairman Allan Kelly said in the company’s ASX announcement.

“Based on the limited historic exploration results, the southeastern part of the project is prospective for gold mineralisation, and also has significant potential for REE mineralisation as indicated by the very limited historic drilling which intersected strongly anomalous REEs.

“Given the widespread occurrence of pegmatites in the outcropping areas of the project, we think there is potential for a significant number of additional pegmatite occurrences, potentially prospective for Lithium or REEs, elsewhere within the project, either outcropping or beneath shallow cover.”




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